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Formax is the top player in the paper handling market of today. It takes pride in offering its world-class pressure seal, mailing, data destruction, and digital print finishing solutions. Outstanding products and unflinching sales support make it easy for Formax dealers to make your paper handling tasks a breeze. Formax is recognized among the pioneers of shredder line and offers professionally tailored paper shredding solutions for all user segments. This brand offers paper shredders along with specialty shredders that make destroying the tougher materials simpler than ever. Each offers a different level of security, ranging from security level P-2 to security level P-7. Task-specific shredders like cross-cut shredders, strip-cut shredders, and micro-cut shredders are also available.

Apart from shredding, Formax has proved itself a champion of all the paper handling arts. Since 1987, this brand has been innovating with rigor and dedication. After earning a patent for its very first pressure sealer decades ago, Formax has continued its journey towards the highly established paper handling network that it holds today. Moreover, its efficient dealer network makes the Formax solutions available throughout the world, particularly across North America. So put your search for the best paper handling equipment to an end and grab your Formax convenience today!

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