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Binding Equipment and Supplies

Binding Equipment and Supplies are essential for creating professionally bound documents. This collection includes a variety of binding machines such as comb, wire, and coil binding machines, as well as the necessary supplies like spines, covers, and binding tools. Ideal for offices, schools, and print shops, our binding equipment and supplies help you produce polished and organized reports, presentations, and booklets with ease.

  • Comb binding Machines

    Comb binding machines use plastic combs to bind pages together, creating a document that can be opened flat and whose pages can be easily added or removed.

  • Coil Binding Machines

    Coil binding machines use a continuous PVC coil to bind pages, resulting in a flexible and durable book that can open 360 degrees, making it ideal for notebooks and other frequently used documents.

  • Wire Binding Machines

    Wire binding machines use double-loop wire or wire-o binding to create a professional-looking document with a durable bind that allows pages to lie flat.

Hole Punches & Paper Drills

Punch holes in your pages for binding books, organizing ring binders, and to hold ID badges.

Binding Accessories

Explore Our Comprehensive Range: Comb Openers, Wire Closers, Coil Inserters, and Interchangeable Die Sets for Professional Finishing

Binding Supplies

Binding Supplies Essentials: Covers, Spines, and Workstations for Seamless Document Finishing

Binding Spines

Choose Your Style: Comb, Wire, and Coil Binding Spines for Professional and Durable Document Finishing

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