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Binding Equipment and Supplies

Featuring a Variety of Binding Machines, Binding Supplies, and Essential Accessories for Every Binding Requirement
  • Comb binding Machines

    Comb binding machines use plastic combs to bind pages together, creating a document that can be opened flat and whose pages can be easily added or removed.

  • Coil Binding Machines

    Coil binding machines use a continuous PVC coil to bind pages, resulting in a flexible and durable book that can open 360 degrees, making it ideal for notebooks and other frequently used documents.

  • Wire Binding Machines

    Wire binding machines use double-loop wire or wire-o binding to create a professional-looking document with a durable bind that allows pages to lie flat.

Hole Punches & Paper Drills

Punch holes in your pages for binding books, organizing ring binders, and to hold ID badges.

Binding Accessories

Explore Our Comprehensive Range: Comb Openers, Wire Closers, Coil Inserters, and Interchangeable Die Sets for Professional Finishing

Binding Supplies

Binding Supplies Essentials: Covers, Spines, and Workstations for Seamless Document Finishing

Binding Spines

Choose Your Style: Comb, Wire, and Coil Binding Spines for Professional and Durable Document Finishing

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