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Swingline  |  SKU: A7074870E

Swingline Replacement Punch Heads, 9/32", Model: A7074065/A7074028/A7074014/A7074026

Product Specifications
Date Indicator Undated
Punch Hole Size 9/32"
Sheet Capacity (20 lb paper) 12
CSA Listed Ind. N
Product Description:

  • Efficient 2-3 hole punching of up to 12 sheets
  • Smooth and precise punching with 9/32" punch hole diameter
  • Cost-effective solution for maintaining punch performance

Ensure maximum productivity in your workspace with these Replacement Punch Heads for Swingline® LightTouch and EasyView LightTouch Desktop Punches. Designed for efficient 2-3 hole punching of up to 12 sheets, these high-quality punch heads deliver smooth and precise results with a 9/32" punch hole diameter. Keep your punches in optimal condition and experience consistent performance with these durable replacement heads.