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Formax  |  SKU: Cut-True 13M

Formax Cut-True 13M Tabletop Manual Guillotine Cutter

Tabletop Guillotine Cutter with 250 Sheet Capacity, 14.5" Cutting Length and 1.58" Narrow Cut

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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax Cut-True 13M Tabletop Manual Guillotine Cutter
Manufacturer Formax
SKU Cut-True 13M
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 12.75 x 18.75 x 17.5
Length Behind Blade (Inches) 10.5
Narrow Cut (Inches) 1.58
Cutting Width (inches) 14.5
Sheet Capacity 250
Operation Manual
Type of cutter Tabletop Guillotine
Cutting Height (Inches) 0.75
Blade Drive Manual
Paper Clamp Lever
Back Gauge Setting Adjustable Thumbscrew
Warranty 90 days limited warranty
Country of Origin United States
User Type Large Office
Optional Accessories 13M-10: Replacement Blade, 13M-20 Replacement Cutting Sticks, pkg of 8
Applications Print Shops
Cutting Material Paper
LED Laser Cut Line Yes
Safety Feature Front & Rear Transparent Covers, Blade Lock, External Blade Depth Adjustment, Blade Changing Handles
Product Description:

  • Ample cutting capacity for medium sized offices
  • LED-illuminated cutting line for higher accuracy
  • Useful clamp and gauges
  • Various safety features that prevent accidents

Formax Cut-True 13M tabletop Cutter is a great solution to stack cutting needs in workplaces with constant workloads. Its cutting abilities are made possible by the quality components and features that have been installed in it by Formax.

Formax Cut-True 13M is designed to include a cutting width of 14.5”, which is bigger than all commonly used paper sizes and suits all kinds of office paperwork. Stack can be up to 5/8” thick as well, which adds to the effectiveness of this product since larger jobs can be finished in a matter of time. The cutting mechanism is an easy to use lever that is pushed down to cut the paper. This lever is designed ergonomically so minimal effort is applied and no discomfort is experienced by operators.

Cut-True 13M Manual guillotine cutter features an easy to use cutting unit. The cutting line of the durable steel blade is lit by an LED light which makes it quite simple to adjust the paper. With this sharp LED line complementing them, the back gauge and calibrated side scales are the ultimate micro-adjustment tools for producing a precisely cut document.

Formax Guillotine cutter has adequate safety features as well. Its design includes front and back safety covers that keep the blade out of reach when the cut is being made. A blade lock prevents accidents by disallowing unwanted movements of the guillotine lever. All blade adjustments and changes can be made without ever having to touch the blades, thanks to its handy tools.