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MBM  |  SKU: KU0470

MBM Triumph 1038 Tabletop Trimmer

A Large Office Trimmer with 50 (Sheets/Hour) Trimming Capacity, 15" Cutting Length and an Automatic Clamp System

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Product Specifications
Product Name MBM Triumph 1038 Tabletop Trimmer
Manufacturer MBM
SKU KU0470
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 10 x 15.5 x 23
Trimming Material Paper , Card-Stock , Mat-Board , Cardboard Film , Plastic Films , Speciality Papers , Illustration Board,
Type of Trimmer Tabletop Trimmer
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour) 50
Cutting Length (Inches) 15
Paper Clamp Automatic
User Type Large Office
Country of Origin Germany
Warranty 1 year parts
Product Description:

  • 15" cutting length
  • Sheet capacity of 50 for one cut
  • Solingen Steel cutting blade set
  • All-metal frame for sturdy Tabletop trimmer
  • Hand lever clamp for firm grip
  • Transparent Lexan® safety guards around the blade
  • Standard paper dimensions and precision side guides marked

MBM 1038 Trimmer possesses all the features befitting an amazing office trimmer. 1038 packs functionality and comfort into its compact structure that is designed specifically for offices. It has a cutting length of 15" which means that practically any official document may be trimmed with it. On top of that, MBM 1038 can cut up to 50 sheets of paper in a single trimming operation that is a phenomenal trait for a small sized trimmer.

Kutrimmer 1038 is not only good at cutting papers, but it also is very easy to use at the same time. Users can precisely arrange their material beneath the blade by referencing via the calibrated side guides and standard sized paper markings on the board. For further ease and accuracy, 1038 Trimmer has an independent, hand-operated clamp for holding papers being cut.

The hardy metallic frame of MBM 1038 Trimmer is another one of its attractive features. This sturdy body perfectly goes along with the trimming operations without being damaged. The Solingen Steel blades guarantee smooth cutting for long periods of time. 1038 also has Transparent Lexan® guards on both sides of the cutting blade which eliminates chances of any unpleasant accidents.

Triumph 1038 is an unparalleled trimmer when it comes to small-scale, heavy duty products and is proven to be a valuable addition to offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can this be used to trim through 1/16th inch thick cardboard?

A. This trimmer is intended for trimming paper-based input only. Input made of any other material is not recommended to be processed with this machine.

Q. How is the Lexan safety guard different from the normal safety guards?

A. The clear Lexan safety guard is moveable and provides safe operations, no matter in which direction the blade moves. It is transparent that lets you view the blade and determine its condition without having to remove it from the machine.

Q. Can MBM Triumph 1038 Tabletop Trimmer manage lightweight stock?

A. Yes, the 1038 can easily trim lightweight stock with the help of its fold-away paper supports