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Dahle  |  SKU: 567

Dahle 567 Premium Guillotine Cutter

Tabletop Guillotine Cutter with 35 Sheet Capacity, 21.5" Cutting Length and 0.5" Cutting Height

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Product Specifications
Product Name Dahle 567 Premium Guillotine Cutter
Manufacturer Dahle
SKU 567
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 23.5 x 14.25
Cutting Width (inches) 21.5
Sheet Capacity 35
Operation Manual
Type of cutter Tabletop Premium Guillotine
Cutting Height (Inches) 0.5
Blade Drive Manual
Paper Clamp Lockable Lever
Back Gauge Setting Adjustable Hand Crank
Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Country of Origin Germany
User Type Commercial
Applications Picture Framers, Print Shop, Copy Centers
Cutting Material Paper, Matboard, Photos, Photo Magnet Material, Fabric, Plastic, Vinyl, Tissue
LED Laser Cut Line No
Safety Feature Rotary Guard Cover
Product Description:

  • Suitable for cutting jobs in busy offices
  • Self sharpening blade
  • Self-clamping system
  • Blade guard to prevent accidents during cutting
  • Metal worktable with pre-printed guides

Dahle 567 Premium Guillotine Cutter tops the markets with its remarkable cutting abilities and easy to use features. It best suites offices that experience a continuous paper handling workload and do not want to compromise on quality in any way. The professional-looking, neat cuts that this product produces is a standard of its own.

Dahle 567 is designed to effortlessly deal with paper stacks of lengths up to 21 5/8”, which makes it perfect for a number of uncommon applications like in marketing and accounting departments. Its effective cutting unit has the ability to cut through up to 35 sheets at a time, which is a massive facility for those who have high volumes of work.

Dahle has integrated the 567 Guillotine Cutter with a variety of handy components in it that further its efficiency and quality. The high quality blade is self-sharpening, so it gives a consistent cut every time and users do not have to change it time to time. The blade is accompanied by a safety guide that covers it from vulnerable angles and prevents contact of operators’ hands with its cutting edge. Moreover, it has a self-clamping bar to firmly hold the documents together during the cut.

Dahle Premium Guillotine Cutter features helpful side guides and an adjustable one that can be shifted anywhere on the work table. The hardy metal worktable is another feature that is a quality enhancer. It is imprinted with guides for the most common paper sizes, so users do not have to waste time in aligning paper for frequently performed jobs.

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