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Akiles  |  SKU: APLULTRA-X10

Akiles ProLam Ultra-X10 Professional 10 Roller Photo Laminator

Heats-Up in 5 Minutes, 13” Entry Width For Various Document Sizes & Maximum Laminating Speed of 142 (Inches/min)

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Product Specifications
Product Name Akiles ProLam Ultra-X10 Professional 10 Roller Photo Laminator
Manufacturer Akiles
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 14 x 25.75 x 5.75
Heated Roller System 6 Hot/ 4 Cold
Max. Pouch Thickness (mil) 14
Max. Laminating Speed (Inches/Min) 142
Throat Capacity (Inches) 13
Laminator Type Roll Laminator
Number of Rollers 10
Warranty 1 year
User Type Commercial
Reverse Function Yes
Temperature Settings Adjustable
Speed Settings Adjustable
Cold Lamination Yes
Heat-up Time (mins) 5
Product Description:

  • 10 roller system(6 hot + 4cold)
  • 13 ″ (330 mm) throat capacity
  • Maximum laminating speed of 142″ / min
  • Pouch thickness can be up to 14mils
  • Laminating thickness can be up to 1/8″
  • LCD Control Panel with 2 programmable settings
  • Setting guide for the right temperature and speed selections
  • Auto-Shutoff function to maximize machinery lifetime
  • Air cooling system to prevent overheating

Akiles ProLam Ultra-X10 professional photo laminator is a top tier product in the lamination market. Its superior 10 roller technology (6 hot and 2 cold) optimizes laminating procedures in terms of speed and quality, making it suitable for heavy-duty work.

Akiles 10 roller photo laminator has a 13″ wide throat that can work at a maximum laminating speed of 142″/min. This set of qualities lets customers laminate a range of documents with different weights and dimensions. The maximum thickness of the fed document can be 1/8″, which is efficiently laminated using a 14mils pouch. Akiles photo laminator is operated through an easy to use LCD Control Panel that has settings to control speed, which can take 9 different values, and temperature. This panel can also be used to store 2 settings which the operator can recall with a single press of a button, saving them precious time in standard laminating jobs. Since laminating involves heating up of the machine rollers, which can cause damage, an air cooling system is built in to keep the temperature in control. Moreover, the Auto-Shutoff function shuts the machine down once temperature enters the normal range.

Akiles ProLam Ultra-X10 laminator meets all standards and expectations with all its extraordinary capabilities, making it the best in its class.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What temperature range does it offer?

A. It operates over a temperature range of 32℉ - 284℉.

Q. At what temperature and speed is the Stand-by mode activated?

A. Keep the temperature 158°F and speed 2 for “STAND BY” mode.

Q. What should I do if the unit creates too much noise?

A. Noisy operation might be the result of rough functioning of gears. For countering this problem, switch off the machine and contact support.

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