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Xyron  |  SKU: 100108

Xyron 6300 Professional Wide Format Cold Laminator

$5,872.53 $6,753.41
Features Chain Drive Rewind, Wide 63” Entry Width For Various Document Sizes, Variable Speed & Forward/Reverse Functions

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Product Specifications
Product Name Xyron 6300 Professional Wide Format Cold Laminator
Manufacturer Xyron
SKU 100108
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 79.8 x 21.7 x 54.7
Max. Laminating Speed (Inches/Min) 156
Throat Capacity (Inches) 63
Laminator Type Roll Laminator
Warranty 1 year Manufacturer Warranty
Country of Origin United States
User Type Large Office
Reverse Function Yes
Speed Settings Variable
Cold Lamination Yes
Heat-up Time (mins) Not Required for Cold Lamination
Product Description:

Features: Xyron 6300 Wide Format Cold Laminator
  • 110-volt service
  • 1 liner rewind
  • 2 Unwind shafts
  • Tension adjustments
  • The Xyron XM6300 is CE Certified
  • Single pressure adjustment
  • Machine stand with casters
  • This Xyron laminating machine operates at variable speed

Overview: Xyron XM6300

The Xyron 6300 Pro cold laminator is your ideal laminating machine for a variety of uses. It works for all kinds of pre-mask, adhesive, and PSA films. The Xyron XM6300 also goes by the name Xyron 63" Wide Format Cold Laminator because it can laminate objects 63” wide. It works for mount prints on 1” thick boards and operates at high production speed.

Special features of the XM6300 include a chain drive rewind, 1 liner rewind, 2 unwind shafts, tension adjustment, a single pressure adjustment system, variable speed, forward and reverse, a variable roller gap to 1” and a 3” film core. The Xyron 6300 Pro cold laminator is user-friendly and easy to set up and it comes with low maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long am I entitled to warranty for Xyron 6300 cold laminator?

A: Xyron 6300 cold laminator comes with one-year manufacturer warranty.

Q: My lamination has poor adhesion on one side of the document, why?

A: The roller pressure of the Xyron 6300 on two sides is not even review the roller gap adjustment.

Q: My lamination is curled after processing through XM6300.

A: If upwards side is curled then reduce top roll tension and if its curled downward then reduce bottom roll tension.

Q: Is XM6300 cold laminator a commercial use machine?

A: Yes! Xyron 6300 cold laminator is build for heavy duty lamination. It’s a perfect fit for commercial and large office use.