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Xyron  |  SKU: AT400-300

Xyron 2500 High Tack Adhesive Roll Set - 300'

$269.88 $310.36
High Tack Adhesive, 300ft Length, No Heat, Electricity/Batteries Required
Product Specifications
Product Name Xyron 2500 High Tack Adhesive Roll Set - 300'
Manufacturer Xyron
SKU AT400-300
Compatible Products Xyron 2500 25" Professional Cold Process Laminator
Product Type Cartridge
Material Type Adhesive
Product Description:

  • Specifically designed for use with Xyron 2500 professional cold process laminator
  • Installing High Tack Adhesive Roll in Xyron 2500 Pro laminator is extreamly easy
  • The roll will instantly set and has a strong hold.
  • Its one of the most safest and most reliable laminating option you can find in the market for your everyday laminating jobs
  • Document thickness (max) 0.10", up to 3/16" foam core with tray removed