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Formax  |  SKU: V-STACK36i

FORMAX FD V-STACK 36 Vertical Stacker

$6,050.00 $6,957.50
V-Stack36 stacks up to 22 inches of processed documents vertically
Product Specifications
Product Name FORMAX FD V-STACK 36 Vertical Stacker
Manufacturer Formax
Product Description:

The V-STACK36 Vertical Stacker helps in aligning the out feed and stacks up to 22" of folded documents vertically. This helps in unloading the forms easily and for further processing. This V-STACK36 is specifically designed pressure sealers and paper folders. It is compatible with FD 2054, FD 2096, 2300 Series AutoSeal, and FD 382, FD 38X Folders