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Martin Yale  |  SKU: DL-CG380517-3I

Trade Lam 1.7 mil Glossy Laminating Film - Element Series (38" in x 500" ft)

$178.71 $205.01
Product Specifications
Film Type Trade Lam Co-Polymer
Film Width 38 inch
Film Length 500 ft
Film Thickness 1.7 mil
Finish Gloss
Core Size 3 inch
Compatible With LPE6510, LPP6512, LPP1112, CL-27, CL-40
Quantity 2 rolls
Product Description:

  • 1.7 mil Glossy Laminating Film from Trade Lam's Element Series
  • Co-polymer material for exceptional clarity and durability
  • Compatible with Dry Lam Element Laminators for seamless operation

Enhance the visual appeal of your documents with Trade Lam's 1.7 mil Glossy Laminating Film from the Element Series. This film is designed to deliver a high level of clarity, ensuring your prints maintain their crispness and vibrancy. The co-polymer material used in the construction offers unmatched transparency, making it ideal for showcasing important information without compromising on protection.

Experience the perfect balance of quality and value with Trade Lam's Glossy Laminating Film. With a low melting temperature, this film is not only easy to use but also provides a professional finish to your laminated materials. Whether you are working on posters, signs, or other printed items, this film is sure to elevate the overall look and feel of your projects.