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GBC  |  SKU: CL560m

Swingline ClassicCut CL560m Table Guillotine Trimmer

A Large Office Guillotine Trimmer with 15 (Sheets/Hour) Trimming Capacity, 30" Cutting Length.

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Product Specifications
Product Name Swingline ClassicCut CL560m Table Guillotine Trimmer
Manufacturer GBC
SKU CL560m
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 35.4 x 45.7 x 7.75
Trimming Material Paper , Posters , Blueprints , Photos
Type of Trimmer Table Guillotine Trimmer
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour) 15
Cutting Length (Inches) 30
User Type Large Office
Country of Origin Taiwan
Warranty 10 years limited warranty
Product Description:

  • Swingline CL560m Series Desktop Paper Trimmer with self-sharpening stainless steel blade
  • Executes guillotine cutting of up to 15 sheets of 20 lbs. paper at a time
  • The Swingline CL560m desktop paper trimmer becomes the ultimate desktop trimmer due to adjustable table legs
  • Protective guard rail safety feature along with the blade latch hook for keeping the blade under control
  • Bar and steel tension spring keep the handle flexible yet firmly held in one place
  • Alignment grid and ruler available for precise trimming
  • Holds a limited 10-year warranty

The Swingline CL560m Series Desktop Paper Trimmer is a large 30-inch square paper trimmer with exceptional capabilities. Market has it as a tabletop model featuring a bottom storage shelf and drop-leaf trim shelf for keeping the waste out of sight. The Swingline paper trimmer can trim up to 15 sheets of 20 lbs. bond paper in the most efficient manner. Users can adjust the machine to be more manageable by detaching the legs of the table and turning it into a desktop version of Swingline CL560m. This trimmer also features protective guard rail safety feature, blade latch hook, bar and steel tension spring along with an alignment grid and ruler for enhancing the trimming experience at all levels. These features together make the Swingline CL560m a secure trimming option that can deliver the most professionally trimmed output even if a novice is operating the machine. All this backed by a limited 10-year warranty adds to the value of this trimmer from Swingline.