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Lassco Wizer  |  SKU: FMMS-3

Spinnit FMMS-3 Three Spindle Paper Drill With Fixed Heads

$5,790.74 $6,659.35
Identical to the FMM-3 except with stationary heads set for drilling three holes, 4-1/4” center-to-center.

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Product Specifications
Product Name Spinnit FMMS-3 Three Spindle Paper Drill With Fixed Heads
Manufacturer Lassco Wizer
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 52 x 32 x 26
Drilling Capacity (Inches) 2
No. Of Drill Bits 3
Table Size 15 x 32
Maximum Horsepower 3/4
User Type Commercial
Power Supply (Volts) 115
Country of Origin United States
Warranty 1 year Manufacturer Warranty
Product Description:

  • Spinnit FMMS-3 offering triple the convenience with its three-spindle paper drill
  • Offers a drilling capacity of up to 2"
  • Features a mechanical lift table that traverses in either direction for seamless drilling of larger paper stacks
  • Drills 4 1/4" holes center-to-center with consistency
  • Makes maintenance easy with its complete tool set
  • Ensures speedy output with its 3/4 HP motor

The Spinnit FMMS-3 Three Spindle Paper Drill with Fixed Heads is a complete package in itself. It has the power to drill 4 1/4" holes center-to-center with a remarkable consistency owing to its efficient 3/4 HP motor. What you get with this amazing Spinnit FMMS-3 paper drill is an MS-1 drill sharpener, Spin-Eze drill bit lubricant, a set of 5/16 inch drill bits, a sharpening stone for keeping the holes professional always, and a chip clearer that ensures your workplace is spic and span all the time. This product is very much similar to the basic FMM-3 with the only difference that the former comes with Fixed Drill Heads. If you want extra convenience with your drilling experience, then accessories like Drill strips and Style A 2" hollow drill bits are also accompanying the machine. There comes thorough product literature to help you glide smoothly through each step of using the Spinnit FMMS-3 paper drill. It is highly recommended to learn the use of accessories and the additional tools accompanying the main unit before using them so you can attain their maximum benefits. Keep the machine lubricated with Drill-Ease or Spin-Eze lubricant. With all the precautions taken and tips followed, this paper drill will make drilling expedited beyond your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is difference between FMM3 and FMMS-3?

A: FMMS-3 is equipped with fixed heads, 4-1/4” center to center and has increased weight as compared to FMM3.

Q: Which drill bits are utilized for Spinnit FMMS-3 Model?

A: Style A 2” hollow drill bits are utilized for Spinnit FMMS-3.

Q: What accessories does the Spindle FMMS-3 Paper Drill comes with?

A: Spinnit FMMS-3 comes with drill sharpener, sharpening stone, chip cleaner, drill bit lubricant and set of 5/16” drill bits.

Q: If I order FMMS-3 will I incur shipping costs?

A: The shipping weight of FMMS-3 is 275 lbs. it ships via truck therefore it will incur shipping cost.