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Lassco Wizer  |  SKU: FMMH-3

Spinnit FMMH-3 Hydraulic 3 Spindle Paper Drill

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3 Spindles with a 2" Drilling Capacity & a Base Footprint of 15" x 15"

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Product Specifications
Product Name Spinnit FMMH-3 Hydraulic 3 Spindle Paper Drill
Manufacturer Lassco Wizer
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 52 x 32 x 26
Drilling Capacity (Inches) 2
No. Of Drill Bits 3
Table Size 15 x 32
Maximum Horsepower 3/4
User Type Commercial
Power Supply (Volts) 115
Country of Origin United States
Warranty 1 year Manufacturer Warranty
Product Description:

  • Spinnit FMMH-3 paper drill capable of drilling through 2-inch stack of paper swiftly
  • Allows processing of huge volumes of paper with ease
  • Presents three-spindle system that furnishes the documents with the three-hole pattern
  • Features easily adjustable drilling heads
  • Comes with a hydraulic lift that makes the unit convenient to operate
  • Offers foot pedal for hands-free operations
  • Comes with table measuring 15" x 32" that accommodates legal-sized sheets
  • Offers the convenience of head start with all the important stuff available in the crate having three 5/16" drill bits, a sharpener and a sharpening stone, some bit oil, and a chip clearer
  • Holds one-year warranty

The Spinnit FMMH-3 Hydraulic 3-Spindle Paper Drill makes paper-drilling easy three-fold. It is a breeze to set up and takes least time to drill through up to 2-inch stack of paper. It is capable of delivering speedy drilling results with immaculate consistency. Its strength lies in its three-spindle drilling system as it reduced the drilling time to one third of that taken by a normal paper drill. You can have three holes punched at one time with Spinnit 3 spindle paper drill. Moreover, it possesses a foot pedal that helps you free your hands for other important tasks. There is a hydraulic lift that facilitates machine operations. For added convenience, there comes a crate that has some of the most needed supplies for effective functioning of Spinnit FMMH-3. Note that this machine is pretty heavy and occupies a good amount of space. So, make sure there is a nice spot for its installation ready before you buy it. In short, for unmatched drilling supremacy, bring home Spinnit FMMH-3 for making your expectations a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which one should I prefer FMMH 3.1 or FMMH 3?

A: If you’re in search for increased drilling thickness then you should prefer FMMH 3.1 with 2 ½” otherwise you can choose FMMH 3 with 2”.

Q: Which drill bits are utilized for Spinnit FMMH 3 3 spindle paper drill?

A: Style A 2” hollow drill bits are utilized for Spinnit FMMH 3 hydraulic 3 spindle paper drill.

Q: What accessories does the Spindle FMMH 3 paper drill comes with?

A: Spinnit FMMH 3 comes with drill sharpener, sharpening stone, chip cleaner, drill bit lubricant, hydro oil and set of 5/16” drill bits.

Q: Can FMMH 3 hydraulic paper drill be used for commercial use?

A: FMMH 3 tabletop paper drill is a perfect fit for commercial use.