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Lassco Wizer  |  SKU: FM-2

Spinnit FM-2 Manual Lift Single Spindle Paper Drill

$4,085.29 $4,698.08
2" Drilling Capacity Paper Drill with a 15" x 32" Size Work Table

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Product Specifications
Product Name Spinnit FM-2 Manual Lift Single Spindle Paper Drill
Manufacturer Lassco Wizer
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 54 x 32 x 26
Drilling Capacity (Inches) 2
No. Of Drill Bits 1
Table Size 12 x 24
Maximum Horsepower 1/4
User Type Commercial
Power Supply (Volts) 115
Country of Origin United States
Warranty 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Product Description:

Features Of Spinnit FM-2 Paper Drill
  • The innovative Spinnit FM-2 with one spindle drill for consistent drilling results
  • Makes drilling seamless with its 2-inch drilling capacity
  • Requires least effort to keep it up and running
  • Presents the most affordable floor model drill to meet the diversified paper drilling needs
  • Comes equipped with an E-Z Glide table system employing pattern bars that facilitate multi-hole drilling
  • Comes with release lever fixed on each side of the table for making right- or left-handed operation possible
  • Offers smooth drilling with its 1/4 HP motor
  • Comes with a complete set of accessories that keeps the unit like new always
Overview Of Spinnit FM-2

The Lassco Wizer Spinnit FM-2 Manual Lift Single Spindle Paper Drill is a simple yet efficient machine with single spindle paper drill which ensures smooth, hassle-free drilling in an economical way. The Spinnit FM-2 can drill through paper stacks up to 2-inch thick with ease. Its highlights is its mechanical lift table that traverses right and left and makes it easy to accommodate larger and odd paper sizes. If you want hands-free operations, then this Spinnit FM-2 paper drill has a foot pedal for you. It won’t require any extra effort for maintenance as the Spinnit FM-2 is highly manageable on its own. For an advanced drilling experience, its pneumatic powered version (Model FMP-2) can also be considered. With Spinnit FM-2 paper drill, you can easily drill holes in one of the following patterns:

  • 3 holes, 2-3/4 inches apart center to center
  • 3 holes, 3-1/2 inches apart center to center
  • 2 holes, 2-3/4 Inches apart center to center
  • 3 holes, 4-1/4 Inches apart center to center

The Lassco Wizer Spinnit FM-2 has a 1/4 HP motor that will surprise you with its performance and immaculate results. With so much from this machine waiting to be tried, this deal will not let you down and is sufficient to support error-free functioning for a long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many drilling patterns are included in Spinnit FM-2?

A: Spinnit FM-2 comes with exclusive four drilling patterns for multi hole drilling.


Q: What accessories does the FM-2 Paper Drill comes with?

A: Spinnit FM-2 comes with drill sharpener, sharpening stone, chip cleaner, drill bit lubricant and set of 5/16” drill bits.


Q: My drilling requires more force than normal, why?

A: This indicates that the drill bit needs to be sharpen, you must sharpen regularly. with the sharpen provided with the Spinnit FM-2 Single Spindle Tabletop Drill.


Q: For how long am I entitled to warranty?

A: Spinnit FM-2 comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.


Q: Which drill bits are utilized for Spinnit FM-2 Paper Drill?

A: Style A 2” hollow drill bits are utilized for Spinnit FM-2 Single Spindle they come in various sizes and diameters.