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GBC  |  SKU: AFCHZ6000-01

Replacement Filter with True HEPA for TruSens Z-6000 Performance Series Air Purifier

Product Specifications
Type Replacement Filters
Compatible With
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Washable Prefilter only
Quantity 2 Pack
Product Description:

  • Keep your TruSens Z-6000 Performance Air Purifier at its best with this True HEPA Replacement Filter
  • True HEPA filter captures pollutants, allergens, and microscopic particles for cleaner, healthier air
  • Activated carbon layer neutralizes odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for a fresh environment

Ensure your air purifier continues to perform efficiently by replacing the filter every 12 months. The handy change indicator light alerts you when it's time for a new filter. Simply open the side panel doors for quick and easy replacement.