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Paitec  |  SKU: LG 32

Paitec LJ3200 Desktop Laser Air Paper Jogger

Cools Laser Printed Documents & Features Anion Ionizer Minimizes Static Between Paper Sheets. Has Powerful 3,000 Rpm Motor that Quickly Jogs Documents

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Product Specifications
Product Name Paitec LJ3200 Desktop Laser Air Paper Jogger
Manufacturer Paitec
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 22 x 18
Max. Sheet Size (W"x L") 11 x 17
Sheet Capacity 1,000
Operation Mode Electric
Min. Sheet Size (W"x L") 8.5 x 11
Warranty 6 Months
Country of Origin United States
User Type Medium Office
Additional Features Anion Ionization Technology to eliminate static build-up between sheets, Stronger Air Flow and Foot Pedal, Shock absorbing feet minimize noise & vibration
Bin Size (L"xW"xD") 4" Thick Stack (2 Reams)
Speed (vibrations/min) 3,000 RPM Motor With Variable Speed
Product Description:

Features of Paitec USA LJ3200 Paper Jogger
  • Paitec LJ3200 laser paper jogger for making paper handling mellifluous
  • Introduces the Anion ionization technology to remove the static build-up from between the sheets
  • Features a large Jogging Bin that has capacity to accommodate up to 2 Reams of Paper
  • Ensures quick and thorough paper jogging with its super-efficient 3,000 RPM Motor
  • Comes with Shock Absorbing Feet that give great stability to the unit and reduce the impact of vibrations and noise produced during jogging
  • Offers Four Air Stream Slots that supply air continuously for thorough cooling of the printed documents
  • Gives ideal results with 115 Volt or 230 Volt Electrical Systems
  • Features Food Pedal for managing On/Off function easily
  • Possesses Adjustable Vibration Speed Control for running the process at the desired pace

Overview of Paitec Paper Jogger 3200

The Paitec LJ3200 Desktop Laser Air Paper Jogger is the handiest paper jogging equipment you can own for jogging laser printed documents. This Paitec LJ3200 comes with improved features and glitches removed that were initially there in the discontinued model LJ3000 paper jogger. The LJ3200 is just similar to the LJ3000 technically but the LJ3200 comes with improved functionality and additional features like on/off foot pedal, a larger blower/cooling fan, and enhanced electronic board.

The LJ3200 laser paper jogger works with an anti-static ionizer and air cooling system consisting of four Air Stream Slots that ensure faster and more thorough cooling of the laser printed documents along with an effective removal of the static charge. The Paitec Laser Jogger 3200 features the Anion ionization technology for achieving the best paper jogging with no static build-up to stop your productivity. The Paitec USA LJ3200 paper jogger also features Adjustable Vibration Speed Control to help you set the jogging speed to your desired level. There is a large Jogging Bin where users can easily keep up to 2 Reams of Paper. Below the unit are Shock Absorbing Feet that prevent vibrations and noise from affecting the surroundings while providing stability. There is still much more to the Paitec USA LJ3200 Paper Jogger  which makes this machine worth a try.