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Paitec  |  SKU: GFI20

Paitec GFI-20 High-Volume Pressure Sealer

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In-Line Pressure Seal System that Processes 135 Sheets/Min & up to 1,000,000 Forms/Month
Product Specifications
Product Name Paitec GFI-20 High-Volume Pressure Sealer
Manufacturer Paitec
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 58 x 95 x 52
Max. Paper Weight (lbs.) 16 - 30
Type of Pressure Sealer In-line Tabletop Pressure Sealer
Function Print, Seal, Fold
Fold Type Z, EZ
Applications Paychecks, Invoices, Tax Forms, Medical Reports, Bills, Coupons, Notices, Checks, & ID Cards, Grade Reports
Anti-Jam System Yes
Warranty 90 day warranty
Included Accessories Vertical Stacker Conveyor
Country of Origin United States
Power Supply (Volts) 110V or 220V
User Type Commercial
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour) 8,100
Operation Type Automatic
Additional Features Integrated with a variety of printers including Konica/Minolta, Oce, Ricoh, Kyocera/Milta
Product Description:

  • Paitec GFI 20 pressure sealer featuring a mid-volume convenience for professional pressure sealing

  • Allows the processing of up to 150 pages per minute and up to 1,000,000 forms per month

  • Presents the capability of interfacing with high-speed printers like Konica Minolta, OCE, Ricoh, Canon, and Kyocera

  • Features automatic on/off and a counter for easy project management

  • Applies 11" & 14", Z, & EZ Folds with ease

  • Features Vertical feeding path through 4 seal rollers for the most refined and consistent sealing results

  • Offers a vertical stacker with the main unit

  • Makes double document detection even more expedited with its Divert system that prevents the faulty pieces from jamming the entire process

The Paitec GFI 20 In-Line Pressure Sealer is a pressure sealer with dual functionality i.e., capable to work as a stand-alone mid-volume pressure sealer or an in-line unit for working with print engines like Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Kyocera, Canon, and OCE. Depending on which of these printers you choose, this machine can provide up to 150 pressure sealed forms per minute and can offer a duty cycle of up 1,000,000 forms per month.

The GFI 20 comes with a premium-quality sealing system that gives due attention to every form. There is vertical feeding mechanism powered by 4 seal rollers that apply even sealing pressure over the entire length and width of the document. Moreover, its adjustable seal roll pressure allows various form thicknesses to be managed consistently well. For greater output manageability, Paitec GFI 20 comes with a vertical stacking exit conveyor that can deal with up to 2,000 forms at a time. It further features a variable speed function along with a full bin sensor that alerts the users when to take the appropriate action. The unit also features a double feed detector connected to a diverter tray. Its advantage is such that in case of any double feeding, the system detects it immediately and diverter puts the faulty pieces on hold and keeps the pressure sealer running as smooth as ever. It’s hard to put Paitec GFI 20 in-line pressure sealer’s functionality into words. Buy your unit today and experience its adaptiveness yourself!