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MBM  |  SKU: CU0491

MBM Triumph 6655 Automatic Programmable Cutter

Floor Stand Cutter with 600 Sheet Capacity, 25.5" Cutting Length and 1" Narrow Cut

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Product Specifications
Product Name MBM Triumph 6655 Automatic Programmable Cutter
Manufacturer MBM
SKU CU0491
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 51 x 39 (61.5 w/ side tables) x 48
Length Behind Blade (Inches) 24
Narrow Cut (Inches) 1
Cutting Width (inches) 25.5
Sheet Capacity 600
Operation Automatic Programmable
Type of cutter Floor Stand Cutter
Cutting Height (Inches) 3
Blade Drive Electric
Paper Clamp Automatic
Back Gauge Setting Electronic Hand Wheel
Warranty 1 year
Country of Origin Germany
Power Supply (Volts) 115v, 60Hz, 20 amp dedicated line req.
User Type Large Office
Optional Accessories Side Tables
Applications Print Shops, Copy Centers
Cutting Material Paper
LED Laser Cut Line Yes
Safety Feature Comprehensive SCS Safety Package
Product Description:

  • Cutting width of 25 ½”
  • Cutting height of 3”
  • Easy Cut electronic blade activation bars
  • Digital touchpad to program up to 99 custom jobs
  • Back guide adjustable via micro-adjustment electronic wheel
  • Transparent safety cover
  • Safe blade changing operation
  • Ergonomic design for comfort

MBM Triumph 6655 Automatic Cutter is the ultimate automated precision cutter built with all contemporary needs in mind. For high-end customers who need to save time and make optimal use of their resources, there is no better option than it.

6655 paper Cutter has amazing cutting capabilities owing to its 25 ½” x 3” cutting panel and razor-sharp cutting blade. The whole automated process is operated via the Easy Cut electronic blade activation bars that only need to be pressed down for clamping and cutting. This not-before-seen feature increases the speed of cutting and also leaves no room for accidents as it works on a two-hand operation. Martin Yale 6655 has an adjustable power back gauge whose exact position, accurate to 1/100th of an inch, is displayed on a touchpad. For micro-adjustments, the electronic wheel can be utilized in collaboration with this display. This same touchpad also incorporates an immense feature in the form of programmable jobs. Up to 99 custom jobs, each with up to 99 steps, can be saved in the 6655 to be recalled for later use.

MBM automatic cutters make no compromises on user safety. To minimize the chances of physical damage due to sharp blades, a transparent safety cover over the cutting panel and blade coverings that sheath the blade while changing are included in its design.

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