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MBM  |  SKU: CU0493V

MBM Triumph 5560 Programmable Cutter

Programmable Cutter with 1000 Sheet Capacity, 21.62" Cutting Length and 1.25" Narrow Cut

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Product Specifications
Product Name MBM Triumph 5560 Programmable Cutter
Manufacturer MBM
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 54 x 42 (64 w/ side tables) x 55
Length Behind Blade (Inches) 22.43
Narrow Cut (Inches) 1.25
Cutting Width (inches) 21.62
Sheet Capacity 1000
Operation Programmable Hydraulic
Type of cutter Programmable Cutter
Cutting Height (Inches) 3.75
Blade Drive Hydraulic
Paper Clamp Adjustable Hydraulic
Back Gauge Setting Electronic Hand Wheel
Warranty 1 year
Country of Origin Germany
Power Supply (Volts) 115v, 60Hz, 20 amp dedicated line req.
User Type Commercial
Optional Accessories Side Tables
Applications Print Shops, Copy Centers
Cutting Material Paper
LED Laser Cut Line No
Safety Feature Comprehensive SCS Safety Package
Product Description:

  • Hydraulic-run operations for accurate cutting
  • 99 Programmable jobs for customized cutting
  • Digital measurement display lends precision to the process
  • Comprehensive SCS Safety Package
  • Various manual and automatic adjustment components

MBM Triumph 5560 Programmable Paper Cutter is undoubtedly the best of the best when it comes to effective paper cutting. It is designed to deliver optimal performance in the most demanding work environments. Large offices and paper shops can benefit from its hydraulic-powered cutter and clamping system.

MBM 5560 boasts a large cutting width of 21 5/8“ and a height of 3 3/4“. This enormous cutting panel makes it capable of cutting very large paper stacks in a single operation, which is ideal for high performance applications. The German-made, HSS blade and its hydraulic system are capable of producing narrow cuts of 1 ¼“, which certainly is the epitome of professional paperwork finishing.

5560 Programmable Cutter is integrated with a range of technologies that give it its excessively precise cutting ability. Apart from its cutter, its clamping system is also hydraulically powered. The back gauge in 5560 can by electronically controlled to make micro-adjustments to the paper’s position. This adjustment can be programmed on a digital touchpad. Clamping pressure and back gauge speeds are also adjustable using easy to use features.

MBM Programmable cutter comes with the remarkable, time-saving facility of programmable cutting jobs. If repetitive cutting operations are being performed in a workplace, operators may program this machine to execute the cut every time without ever having to make adjustments. Its memory is able to store up to 99 jobs, each with 99 steps in it. The programming can be performed on a digital display correct up to 1/100th of an inch. Furthermore, the 5560 is pre-programmed for standard paper sizes, giving it a further edge over all its competition.

The MBM 5560 makes sure that user safety is optimized as well. Thus, it comes incorporated with the Comprehensive SCS Safety Package that includes an array safety features. It has an IR beam safety function that stops the cutter as soon as an obstruction occurs in the beam’s path. There are safety covers on the front and rear, and a lockable main switch. Blade changing is also safe and easy with the 5560; a safety tool is provided that shields the cutting edge as the change is being made.