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MBM  |  SKU: CU0462L

MBM Triumph 4705 Tabletop Cutter

Tabletop Cutter with 500 Sheet Capacity, 18.75" Cutting Length and 1.18" Narrow Cut

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Product Specifications
Product Name MBM Triumph 4705 Tabletop Cutter
Manufacturer MBM
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 23 x 39 (50 w/ stand) x 35
Length Behind Blade (Inches) 18
Narrow Cut (Inches) 1.18
Cutting Width (inches) 18.75
Sheet Capacity 500
Operation Manual
Type of cutter Tabletop Cutter
Cutting Height (Inches) 2.75
Blade Drive Manual
Paper Clamp Spindle
Back Gauge Setting Calibrated Hand Crank
Warranty 1 year
Country of Origin Germany
User Type Commercial
Optional Accessories Stand
Applications Print Shops, Copy Centers
Cutting Material Paper
LED Laser Cut Line No
Safety Feature Hinged Transparent Safety Guard, Transparent Safety Cover, Safety Catch,
Product Description:

  • High cutting capacity ensures that big jobs are done in a single operation
  • Solingen Steel cutting blades
  • Micro-adjustment hand crank for accuracy
  • Transparent safety guide guarantees a safe cutting experience
  • Sturdy metal body for a long life

MBM Triumph 4705 Manual Paper Cutter is the ultimate solution to efficient paper cutting in offices. With loads of paperwork to deal with, cutting is no doubt a necessary operation and one which shows the professionalism and work ethic of the organization.

With the amazing 4705 Manual Cutter, users are guaranteed a clean and accurate cut ever time. Its specifications are the best in the market among the manual paper cutter class, giving it an edge over all competition and making it the best fit for offices. The 4705 comes with a large cutting panel with a width of 18 ¾“ and a height of 2 ¾“, which capable of cutting a stack of up to 500 sheets at a time.

MBM 4705 is installed with a high quality Solingen steel blade that ensures an effortless, smooth cut. This blade can produce a narrow cut of as small as 1 3/16“. For keeping the paper properly positioned for the cut, 4705 comes with a spindle-controlled clamp that grips the paper from both sides and evenly distributes pressure throughout the stack. Along with this, a calibrated crank arm can be used in junction with the side scale provided to precisely set the stack under the blade.

Like all MBM manual cutters, this one has been equipped with due safety features. A transparent safety cover protects the users form the sharp blade. Its hinged support makes it easy to load and collect cut documents. Moreover, a safety catch is also included in the design that locks the handle, disallowing it to move downwards.

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