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MBM  |  SKU: CU0450LP

MBM Triumph 4305 Tabletop Cutter Package

Tabletop Cutter with 300 Sheet Capacity, 16.87" Cutting Length and 1.31" Narrow Cut with Stand, Cutting Knives and Cutting Sticks
Product Specifications
Name MBM TriumphTM 4305
Cutting width, inches 16 7/8""
Cutting height, inches 1 1/2""
Narrow cut, inches 1 5/16""
Length behind blade, inches 17""
Dimensions (D x W x H), inches 34 5/8 x 34 5/8 x 15 3/4
Shipping weight, pounds 115
Product Description:

Features of MBM Triumph 4305 -Tabletop Cutter
  • Manual cutter with larger cutting surface
  • High quality machine with high cutting capacity
  • Cutting height of 1 1/2" and cutting width of 16 7/8"
  • Cutting length of behind blade of 17” with narrow cut 1 5/16"
  • Dimensions of the product is 34 5/8" x 34 5/8" x 15 3/4"
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty excluding wearables
  • Easy to operate keypad with 9 program storage with 9 steps each
  • All metal heavy duty built with UL and C safety features
  • Manufactured in Germany
Performance of MBM Triumph 4305 -Tabletop Cutter

The MBM Triumph tabletop cutters are advanced than before as they offer larger cutting capacity and includes new safety levels. The 4305 Tabletop cutter is equipped with blades with cutting height of 1 1/2" and cutting width of 16 7/8" which enables he cutter to accommodate for large offices. There are programmable models and bright LED optical cutting line indicates the cutting line. There are various of safety features installed in the MBM 4305 paper cutter for safe and precise cutting in which it includes transparent safety guard, hand crank, fast action clamp and back gauge.

MBM Triumph 4305 -Tabletop Cutter Package

The MBM Triumph cutter package is inclusive of an MBM triumph stand (CU0409L) which is designed to provide accurate height for productive operations, cutter sticks (AC0695) with 6 in quantity and 26-5/16" length and cutting knives (AC0687) for superior cutting performance with 19-9/16" length.


The 4305 MBM Triumph paper cutter is an ideal addition for your large office fulfilling the require of safe and precise operations. Backed by 1-year limited warranty for customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it come with a stand as depicted?

A. The stand is optional. Same is for the cabinet with storage shelves.

Q. What is included in the SCS safety provisions?

A. This tabletop cutter works with SCS safety provisions that feature:

  • Hinged, transparent safety guard on front table
  • Transparent safety cover on rear table
  • Safety catch
  • Blade changing device that covers the edge of blade
  • Blade depth adjustment from outside of the machine;
  • Blade and cutting stick changing facility without removal of covers

Q. What should not be cut with this machine?

A. Hard materials or splintering stuff should not be cut with this machine.

Q. What operating components should be there in the unit?

A. The complete unit consists of the following operating elements:

  • Blade lever
  • Blade lock
  • Front safety guard
  • Paper clamp
  • Blade adjustment
  • Backgauge crank
  • Backgauge
  • Side lay left
  • Measurement indication
  • Handle for blade lever
  • Cover
  • Cutting stick
  • Rear safety guard