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MBM  |  SKU: BO0847

MBM Sprint Trimmer

Produces 88 Sheet Booklets Offline, Up to 1,500 Sets/Hour, Uses 5,000 Staple Cartridges. Has 2 Stapling Heads & 5 Stapling Positions

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Product Specifications
Product Name MBM Sprint Trimmer
Manufacturer MBM
SKU BO0847
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 35" H x 27" W x 22" D
Trimming Material Trims down booklet edges for perfectly squared booklets.
Type of Trimmer Booklet Trimmer
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour) 25
User Type Medium Office
Country of Origin United States
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Product Description:

Features of MBM SprintTM Trimmer
  • The sprint trimmer is compatible with Sprint 3000 and 5000
  • Has the sheet capacity of 25 sheets of 20# paper
  • Trims downs the edges of the booklet processed by the booklet maker
  • Removes perfect registration on the open edge booklet
  • Evens out edges to ensure a perfect book shape
  • Products dimensions are 27" W x 22" D x 35" H
  • Maximum cutting thickness with 50 sheets of 80 GSM
  • The trimmer weighs 84 kgs with power of 110V

Performance of MBM SprintTM Trimmer

The MBM Sprint trimmer is designed to work with the MBM Sprint 3000 or Sprint 5000 booklet makers. This trimmer basically gives the perfect finish to your booklet processed. The trimmer has the capacity to process 25 sheets of 20#. The MBM Sprint trimmer is capable of automatically trimming down the edges of a processed booklet. The machine is compatible to remove perfect registration on the open edge booklet. The machine dimensions are 27" W x 22" D x 35" H which makes it compact and can be easily adjusted in a workplace. MBM Sprint Trimmer will even out those edges for a perfectly square booklet, every time.

Recommendation & Warranty

This machine is only compatible with the MBM Sprint 3000 and 5000 for and is designed to provide even and perfect ending to your booklet. This is the perfect upgrade for your workplace. The machine comes with 1-year limited warranty excluding wearables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For how long am i entitled to warranty?

A: The Sprint Trimmer comes with 1 year warranty excluding wearables.

Q: What is the maximum cutting thickness of sheets with sprint trimmer?

A: The maximum cutting thickness of the Sprint trimmer is 50 sheets of 80 GSM 

Q: Can we use the Sprint trimmer with any machine?

A: No, the Sprint trimmer is only compatible with the Sprint 3000 and Sprint 5000.