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MBM  |  SKU: AC0628A

MBM Scorer for 408A & 508A Automatic Paper Folders

Product Specifications
Type Scorers
Compatibility MBM 408A & 508A Automatic Paper Folders
Quantity 1
Product Description:

  • Enhance your MBM paper folder with the MBM Scorer for 408A & 508A, designed to add a score/crease function to your folding machine
  • Efficiently streamline the folding process by pre-creasing paper, allowing for smoother hand-folding of materials, especially useful for thick or full-color printed paper

Elevate the capabilities of your MBM 408A & 508A Automatic Paper Folders with this add-on accessory. By weakening the paper fibers along the folding line, this scorer ensures easy folding without compromising the paper's integrity. Say goodbye to cracks and breaks, and hello to seamless folding efficiency.