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MBM  |  SKU: AC1006

MBM Ideal AP30 Filter Cassette

Product Specifications
Type Replacement Filter Cassettes
Compatibility Ideal AP30 Air Purifier
Purification Levels 360° HEPA Filter,Advanced Carbon Filter
Washable Prefilter Only
Quantity 1 Pack
Product Description:

  • Ideal AP30 Filter Cassette offers comprehensive air purification with a pre-filter, HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter
  • The HEPA filter efficiently captures up to 99.97% of fine dust and ultra-small particles, enhancing indoor air quality
  • Activated Carbon filter effectively absorbs VOCs, smoke, odors, and various airborne chemicals for a fresher environment

Designed for the Ideal AP30 Air Purifier, this replacement filter cassette ensures easy installation and optimal performance. The cassette design facilitates quick and hassle-free filter replacements, maintaining the purifier's efficiency. With antimicrobial CleanCel technology, it inhibits the growth of harmful micro-organisms, promoting a healthier living space.