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MBM  |  SKU: CO0755

MBM High Capacity Stacker for FC 10

Product Specifications
Product Name MBM High Capacity Stacker for FC 10
Manufacturer MBM
SKU CO0755
Compatible Products MBM FC 10, MBM FC 10 Twin Tower Collating System
Product Type High Capacity Stacker
Product Description:

  • Stacks collated sheets to a stack height of up to 12-1/2" or 3,200 sheets at speed of up to 2,520 sets/hour (single tower)
  • User-friendly touch button control panel
  • Designed with adjustable stacking table for criss cross or straight stacking
  • Stops instantly in case of irregularity in the collator
  • Programming modes include preset batch, insertion, and an alternate bin mode for continuous production