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MBM  |  SKU: AC0667C

MBM AC0667C Trimmer Knife Kit

Product Specifications
Type Trimmer Knife Kits
Compatibility Triumph 1080 Trimmer
Quantity 1
Product Description:

  • Reliable replacement blade kit for Triumph Kutrimmer 1080 Paper Trimmer
  • Crafted from durable Solingen steel for precision and longevity
  • Easy user-replacement for both top and bottom blades

Elevate your trimming experience with the MBM AC0667C Trimmer Knife Kit. Designed as a complete replacement solution for the Triumph Kutrimmer 1080, this kit boasts top and bottom blades made from renowned Solingen steel. Users can effortlessly remove and replace the blades, ensuring smooth and precise cuts every time. Plus, the blades are re-sharpenable up to 8 or 9 times, guaranteeing long-lasting use.