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Martin Yale  |  SKU: EX5776

Martin Yale EX5776 1 Inch Roll Tabs

$61.67 $102.95
Product Specifications
Category Labelers & Tabbers
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 1 inch
Weight 1 lb
UPC Code 11991577600
Product Description:

  • 1-inch tabs for professional mail sealing
  • 5,000 tabs per roll for efficient use
  • Designed for Martin Yale EX5100 Express Tabber

Elevate your mailing process with Martin Yale EX5776 1 Inch Roll Tabs. These white continuous feed tabs ensure smooth application and compliance with UPS standards. With each roll containing 5,000 tabs, you can efficiently create professional seals on your mail pieces, thanks to their seamless compatibility with the Martin Yale EX5100 Express Tabber.