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Martin Yale  |  SKU: BT100

Martin Yale BT100 Banner Trimmer

Manual 43" banner trimmer with cutter width and length of 43.75" and 144"

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Product Specifications
Product Name Martin Yale BT100 Banner Trimmer
Manufacturer Martin Yale
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 40.25" x 56.25" x 18.25"
Trimming Material Banner
Type of Trimmer Banner Trimmer
Cutting Length (Inches) 43"
Paper Clamp Manual
User Type Medium Office
Country of Origin United States
Warranty 1 year parts and 90 day labor
Product Description:

Features of Martin Yale BT100 Banner Trimmer
  • Features a trimmer handling a 43” wide banner size
  • Accuracy with cutting procedures within 1/16” eliminating guess work
  • No more open scissors or knives in cutting procedures ensuring safety
  • Manually handled paper trimmer with no power required
  • Reduces work with quick operations by trimming in minutes
  • Mounted on caster on one side for easier mobility in the workplace
  • User friendly machine with easy to understand and using techniques
  • Maximum banner width and length of the banner is 43.75” and 144”
  • Maximum banner thickness is 18 mil with cutter type blades
  • Backed by 1-year parts and 90-day labor warranty
  • Manufactured in United States of America (U.S.A)

Performance of Martin Yale BT100 Banner Trimmer

Need a perfect banner for your function or conference with reduced work and that too in minutes? Well that’s no longer impossible anymore with Martin Yale BT100 banner trimmer. The trimmer can cut and handle any banner size up to 43” wide. The banner length and thickness are up to 144” and 18 mil which allows the user to get the perfect yet accurate banner for their requirement. The machine is manually handled and there is no requirement for external power. This banner eliminates the need of guess work while trimming instead provides accurate cutting within 1/16”.

The cutting blades are retractable and easily replaceable and easily accommodates the standard “off the shelf” cutter type blades. There are no open knives or scissors therefore it enables for users to have a safe trimming process. The machine is user friendly, easy to understand and time efficient providing you with perfect trimmer in just minutes and less work. The machine is mounted on casters for easier mobility and provides you the banner the way you wanted.

Recommendation and Warranty

The Martin Yale BT100 banner provides you with accuracy and precision with banner trimming like no other. The machine is backed with warranty with 1-year parts and 90-day labor to ensure customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the maximum banner thickness of the BT100 banner trimmer?

A: The maximum thickness supported by the banner is 18 mil. 

Q: What warranty package is offered with the Banner trimmer?

A: The banner trimmer has the warranty of 1 year parts and 90 day labor. 

Q: Can the banner trimmer cut into various custom sizes?

A: The BT100 can handle any custom size banner up to 43” wide.

Video of Martin Yale BT100 Banner Trimmer