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Martin Yale  |  SKU: 906G

Martin Yale 906G Master 6" Desktop Catalog Rack

$64.17 $116.25

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Product Specifications
Category Desk Accessories
Dimensions 8 x 10.5 x 8 inch
Weight 5.3 lb
UPC Code 15086101602
Product Description:

The Martin Yale 906G Master 6" Desktop Catalog Rack offers a professional and space-saving solution for organizing and displaying catalogs, magazines, and loose-leaf materials.

  • Hinged design allows for quick and easy setup, making it convenient to use.
  • Angled at 45º for optimal viewing while seated, enhancing the user experience.
  • The unique tongue and groove system facilitates effortless insertion and removal of sections, ensuring efficient organization.

With a filling capacity of 6" and 18" wing-to-wing length, this desktop rack provides ample storage space for various materials.

  • Accessories such as ring sections and post sections, along with indexing sets, are available separately to customize and enhance the rack's functionality.