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GBC  |  SKU: Z0177498000

GBC AP-2 Ultra Looseleaf Die Set

No. of Holes
Product Specifications
Type Binding Dies
Binding Looseleaf
Product Description:

  • Designed for use with GBC AP-2 Ultra Die, the Looseleaf AP-2 Ultra Die Set offers unparalleled flexibility in changing punch patterns without the need to switch machines.
  • Featuring a round hole punch pattern, this die set ensures clean and precise holes, perfect for a professional finish on your documents.
  • The removable punch pins of the Looseleaf Die Set provide maximum operational flexibility, allowing you to easily alter patterns and accommodate various sheet sizes.

Experience seamless operation with the AP-2 Ultra Looseleaf Die Set, as it slides smoothly in and out of the machine and securely locks in place for stability. Whether you need to punch holes in a few sheets or a stack of documents, this die set is designed to meet your binding needs with efficiency and precision.