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GBC  |  SKU: 7300200

GBC 16DB 16" Manual CombBind Comb Opener

$888.00 $1,021.20
Binds Plastic Comb (GBC 19-Hole Pattern) Documents, Binding Capacity from 1/4" - 2" Thick, Binds Books as Large as 16" Wide
Product Specifications
Product Name GBC 16DB 16" Manual CombBind Comb Opener
Manufacturer GBC
SKU 7300200
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 20.25 x 5.4 x 12.75
Other Features Min Doc Size: as small as 1"" wide Max Doc Size: as large as 16"" wide Safety Agency Approval: Designed to meet UL and CSA safety standards
Max. Binding Length (Inches) 11 - 20
Max. Binding Capacity (Sheets) 401 - 500
Operation Manual
Max. Binding Thickness (Inches) 1/4 - 2
Warranty 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty
Product Description:

  • Latest GBC binding innovation for a smoother and professional binding experience
  • Ideal for applying Plastic Comb binding style (GBC 19-Hole pattern)
  • Gives a professional finish to pieces from 1/4" to 2" thick
  • Comes with one-step manual binding arm for hassle-free management of binding elements
  • Features a side control knob that helps set opening position of the binding elements in no time
  • Promises durability with all-metal construction and sturdy design
  • Requires minimum effort for installation and setup
  • Features a small footprint works great with the GBC punching machines

The GBC 16DB 16" Manual Comb Opener is an expert-level tool for finishing your documents with the Plastic Comb binding. It features a one-step process that saves time and ensures completion of professional binding with no pauses. The GBC 16DB Manual CombBind needs minimum space for its complete setup. It has been possible due to its manual binding arm and small footprint. This GBC Manual CombBind Comb Opener gives far more enhanced results when it works together with the GBC modular punches. Every bit of this machine has been engineered carefully for assuring the users of utmost quality of output possible. The unit fits comfortably in any space and can be carried along due to its portability. With the GBC 16DB, users can handle from 1/4" to 2" thick documents, turning them into the most presentable document with a classy professional finished look. Its all-metal construction is the reason behind the support it provides for years.