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Formax  |  SKU: FD 6404-Special 4

Formax FD 6404-Special 4 Folder & Inserter


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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax FD 6404-Special 4 Folder & Inserter
Manufacturer Formax
SKU FD 6404-Special 4
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 36.5 x 72 x 16.5 (4 Stations)
Envelope Hopper Capacity (Envelopes) 325
Setup Autoset, one-touch setup
Speed (Pieces/hr) 4,000
Duty Cycle (Pieces/month) 60,000
Feed Stations w/ Sheet Capacity 2 Standard Feeders (325 sheet capacity) 2 Special Feeders (325 sheet capacity)
Vertical Stacker Capacity (Filled Envelopes) 500
Max. sheet Size (H") 3.5 - 14
Warranty 90 day limited warranty
Country of Origin United States
Power Supply (Volts) 120V AC, 60 Hz
Optional Accessories Advanced OMR & BCR, Formax MailDoc Software, Short Feed Trays, Production Feeder, Side Exit tray
Programmable Fold Applications 25
Programmable Fold Applications 21 - 40
Fold Types C, Half, Z, Double Parallel, No fold
Double Feed Detection Yes
Envelope Size (W") 6.3 - 9.7
Envelope Size (H") 3.5 - 6.35
Max. sheet Size (W") 5.1 - 9
Product Description:

  • Formax FD 6404-Special 4 presenting modular design with 2 - 6 fully-automatic feed stations

  • Processing capacity of up to 4,000 envelopes/hour

  • Installation and configuration made easy with the AutoSet technology

  • Fold types pre-installed include C, Half, Z, Double Parallel and no fold

  • Operations become easy with the 25 programmable fold applications

  • Wide color touch-screen control panel with all settings displayed for users’ comfort

  • Smooth functioning made possible with the durable foam rollers

  • Usefulness doubled with seal and non-seal capabilities present in one product

  • Water level detection feature allows monitoring the process more closely

  • All envelopes filled with perfection due to 4 adjustable insert fingers

  • Double document detection feature never lets any envelope to be over-filled

The Formax FD 6404-Special 4 inserter comes with 2 basic Feeders and 2 Special Feeders. Users can feed up to 325 sheets at a time through each of these feeders, which allows the machine to process up to 1,300 sheets at a time. The specialty of the special sheet feeders lies in its capability of processing glossy or thick stock paper.

The FD 6404-Special 4 has a sealed fluid level indicator with which users can take care of timely refilling of the sealing solution. In case there are jobs that you want to execute repeatedly with this machine, there is facility of feeding up to 25 jobs into the memory of this Formax automatic inserter for future convenience. The Formax FD 6404 inserter comes with various optional amenities like Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), Barcode Recognition (BCR), side exit trays, short feed trays, and cabinets.

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