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Formax  |  SKU: FD 550

Formax FD 550 Low Volume Industrial Burster

Variable Speed of 200 (sheets/min) with 400 Feed Tray Capacity and Duty Cycle of 5 (hours/day)

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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax FD 550 Low Volume Industrial Burster
Manufacturer Formax
SKU FD 550
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 56.5 x 32 x 59
Max Slitting form size (WxL) 2.75 x 12
Min slitting form size (W xL) 2.37 x 16
Min Non-Slitting form size (WxL) 2.37 x 14.5
Max non-slitting form size (W x L) 2.75 x 12
Duty Cycle (Hours/Day) 5
Paper Weight (lbs.) 100
Feed Tray Capacity 400
Category Low-Volume Industrial Burster
Variable Speed (sheets/min) 200
Waste Bin Yes
Power Supply (Volts) 115, 50/60
User Type Commercial
Product Description:

  • Variable speed to handle different workloads
  • Efficient tractor feed unit and conveyor exit
  • Adequate safety features mean no accidents occur ever
  • Storage and waste collection cabinet part of the easy to use design

Formax FD 550 Low Volume Industrial Burster is the perfect solution for offices that need a quality burster at an economical price. It is manufactured to handle smaller workloads and delivers a quality service to its users, owing to its remarkable abilities.

Formax FD 550 can slit documents in the range 2.375” - 16” W x 2.75” - 12” L, which basically encompasses all kinds of forms that are used in offices and shops. Its speed can be varied according to the volume of work being experienced, and can be a maximum of 200 feet per minute.

The FD 550 Industrial burster is built to deliver optimal results; it can work at maximum capacity for 5 hours each day for 5 days in a week. This means that users may slit a large number of forms with consistency. This product features an efficient tractor feed system that is best for dealing with forms. It not only keeps the paper being fed into the bursting unit properly but also keeps it aligned. Formax low volume industrial burster comes integrated with an effective conveyor exit that neatly collects and stacks the documents that come out of the machine.

FD 550 incorporates various helpful features in it that increase its usability. The high capacity cabinet that is underneath it can be used to store forms or collect waste material before it is disposed off. Moreover, its safety interlock system makes it very safe for users. Its machinery turns off when the cover is lifted so no accidents take place. If a jam should occur, operators can conveniently lift the jam switch which disengages the machine and stops it, so the jam can be removed conveniently.

With its amazing features, the Formax FD 550 Low Volume Industrial Burster definitely is one of the best and a must-buy for offices.