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Formax  |  SKU: FD 402TA1

Formax FD 402TA1 Tabletop Air Jogger

Remove Static Electricity, Dries & Jog In Single Operation, Jogs Max. Sheet Size of 12 "x 18" At A Speed Of 2,500 (Vibrations/Min)

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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax FD 402TA1 Tabletop Air Jogger
Manufacturer Formax
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 23 x 21 x 15
Max. Sheet Size (W"x L") 12 x 18
Sheet Capacity 940
Operation Mode Manual
Min. Sheet Size (W"x L") 5 x 7
Warranty 90 day limited warranty on parts, excluding wearables
Country of Origin United States
User Type Commercial
Additional Features User-Friendly Control Panel, Operating Modes, Tilting Jog Bin
Bin Size (L"xW"xD") 0 x 20.37 x 3.75
Speed (vibrations/min) 2,500
Product Description:

  • Removes static electricity, dries and jogs stacks in a single operation
  • Jogs up to 940 sheets of 20lbs paper
  • 12" x 18" maximum sheet size
  • Variable speeds up to 2,500 vibrations per minute
  • Variable air pressure up to 29,000 rpm
  • Adjustable bin angle for different kinds of jobs

Formax FD 402TA1 Tabletop Air Jogger has all the working capabilities and design features to suit a small office with high frequency of paper handling work. It jogs and dries paper with extraordinary results that are reminiscent of the quality Formax tabletop air joggers are well-known for.

Formax FD 402TA1 uses air flow and vibratory motion to align the fed stacks and dry the printing ink on their surfaces while ridding it of stored static electricity. It sports a large V-shaped jogging bin that has a capacity for holding 940 sheets of 20lbs paper that can be up to 12" x 18". Considering the different kinds of jobs that operators have to complete, the bin is developed to be tilted at different angles that allows heavier paper weights and larger sizes to get jogged properly and not get damaged during the process. Formax FD 402TA1 air jogger also has adjustable air pressure and vibration, which have maximum values of 29,000rpm and 2,900 vibrations per minute respectively. These remarkable capabilities are highly useful if operators need quicker results or work with different types of stacks.

FD 402TA1 suits small offices the most due to its compact footprint and quite operations. The bin's inner edges are rubber-padded to eliminate excessive noise pollution of work environments. For these reasons, there surely is no better alternative to paper jogging than this product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can its speed and pressure be moderated?

A. The Formax FD 402TA1 Tabletop Air Jogger offers variable Speed Control of up to 2,500 vibrations per minute and variable Air Pressure Control of up to 29,000 rpm, both of which enhance productivity and reduce the processing time.

Q. On what modes can I operate this machine?

A. There are three different modes i.e., Vibrate and Air, Air-only, and Vibrate-only, each of which offers a different level of functionality.

Q. How can I accommodate larger documents or stacks in this paper jogger?

A. This paper jogger comes with a vertical-to-horizontal tilt feature that keeps the larger paper stacks in their real shape and prevents them from bending.

Q. Which productivity level does it meet the best?

A. The Formax FD 402TA1 Tabletop Air Jogger is the most appropriate option for small-scale paper jogging.

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