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Formax  |  SKU: FD 402E2

Formax FD 402E2 Two-Bin Envelope Jogger

Manual Operation, 1,750 Sheet Capacity, Jogs Max. Sheet Size of 4" x 9.5" At a Speed Of 4,000 (Vibrations/Min).

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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax FD 402E2 Two-Bin Envelope Jogger
Manufacturer Formax
SKU FD 402E2
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 13.12 x 8.12 x 8.12
Max. Sheet Size (W"x L") 4 x 9.5
Sheet Capacity 1,750
Operation Mode Manual
Min. Sheet Size (W"x L") 4 x 8
Warranty 90 day limited warranty on parts, excluding wearables
Country of Origin United States
User Type Large Office
Additional Features Electromagnetic design, Titlted Rack, Solid State Control Switch, Reduce Static Electricity
Bin Size (L"xW"xD") 10 x 3.5 x 2.5
Speed (vibrations/min) 4,000
Product Description:

  • Variable speeds for varying workloads
  • Aligns envelopes before further processing
  • Rids envelope stacks of static buildups

Formax FD 402E2 two-bin Envelope paper jogger is the best product of its class in the market. It is manufactured specifically to suit the requirements of small-scale offices with relatively lower workloads.

Formax FD 402E2 paper jogger has two bins whose combined capacity is up to 1750 sheets of 20 lbs paper of size up to 4“ x 9.5“. These capacities encompass most kinds of envelopes used in conventional offices and mailrooms. The FD 402E2 vibrates at the exceptional rate of 4,000 vibrations per minute to jog paper fed into it. This intensive jogging process removes static buildups that tend to build up in between individual envelopes/sheets and also aligns them perfectly, which makes them ready to be fed into other paper handling products.

To allow users to deal effectively with different workloads, the Formax FD 402E2 also comes with the amazing facility of variable speeds. Users may conveniently change the jogging speed to suit the volume of their particular project.

The Formax FD 402E2 has a very easy-to-use and practical design. It is tilted backwards so stacks of all sizes can be jogged with consistency and it is easier to load them into the jogger for operators. Moreover, Formax envelope paper jogger has slots in its bins that allows any waste like dust particles and staples to conveniently slip out of the bins.