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Formax  |  SKU: FD 346

Formax FD 346 Tabletop Document Folder

$3,506.00 $4,031.90
Color Touchscreen Control Panel, Auto-Feed, Speed Of 15,500 (Sheets/Hour), Fold 3.5"x5"-12.25"x18" Paper Size, 500 Feed Tray Capacity

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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax FD 346 Tabletop Document Folder
Manufacturer Formax
SKU FD 346
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 19” H x 20” W x 33” D (Closed) 19” H x 20” W x 60” D (Fully Extended)
Fold Type Letter Fold, Z-Fold, Half-Fold, Fold Out, Gate-Fold, Double Parallel Fold
Paper Weight (Gsm) 75
Paper Size (W" x L") 3.5” W x 5” L - 12.25” W x 18” L
Category Drop-In Feed
Type of Folder Auto-Feed, Manual Set-up
Fold Selection Setup Manual
Speed (Sheets/Hour) 15,500 sheets per hour
Automated Feed Yes
Warranty 90 day on parts excluding wearables
Country of Origin United States
Power Supply (Volts) 110VAC, 50/60 Hz
User Type Commercial
Feed Tray Capacity 500
Product Description:

Features of Formax FD 346 Folder
  • Graphics based touchscreen control panel
  • Processing speed up to 15500 applications per hour
  • It is equipped with color touch screen with internationally recognized symbols
  • Six pre marked folds plates for quick and easy operations
  • Fine tuning knobs at end of each plate can help in precision folding
  • Can load up to 500 sheets in hopper and doesn’t require attention while processing
  • Telescoping output stacker can be extended to load 500 forms
  • Multi sheet feeder permits 4 unstapled or stapled sheets to be folded in one time
  • Capable for processing paper of 12” and 18” with ease
  • Fold types of letter, zig zag, half, gate, fold out, and double parallel are supported
  • Manufactured in U.S.A
Performance of Formax FD 346 Touchscreen Desktop Office Folder

FD 346 is a fast desktop office folder that is dependable and a user-friendly device for folding applications. This office folder is equipped with touch screen control panel and in place of text it utilizes internationally recognized symbols making It easy to us for anyone. This Formax FD 346 folder is mounted with telescoping output stacker that can extend and hold up to 500 or above folded sheets. The hopper capacity of this paper folder is 500 and it has the processing speed of 15,500 folds per hour. The machine is capable of folding 12” and 18” with ease and effectiveness.

Six folds are already marked on the fold plates which enables quick and easy processing. The FD 346 allows additional adjustments to be made with the fine-tuning knobs at the end of each fold plates. The Multi feeder is optional although it is capable of folding 4 unstapled or stapled sheets at one time. The FD 346 can handle a variety of paper sizes and users can choose different folds by virtual configuration and has the cross-folding flexibility for additional folds in the second pass.

Recommendation & Warranty

This paper folder with innovative touchscreen makes it one of the unique paper folders in the market. The simple set up and processing makes it ideal for any small workplace where paper folding is done regularly. This is an economical machine with a 90-day warranty on parts excluding wearables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For how long am I entitled to warranty?

A: The warranty FD 346 paper folder offers is 90 day on parts excluding wearables.

Q: How many pre marked fold plates does FD 346 consist of?

A: The FD 346 consists of 6 pre marked fold plates for easy and quick processing.

Q: What is cross-folding in the FD 346 paper folder?

A: The cross-folding feature is included for two pass operation.

Q: Which kind of 6 folds are supported by the FD 346 desktop paper folder?

A: Fold types of C, V, Z, Gate, Fold Out and Double Parallel are supported.

Video of Formax FD 346 Tabletop Document Folder