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Formax  |  SKU: Cut-True 27S

Formax Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Guillotine Cutter

Floor Stand Guillotine Cutter with 800 Sheet Capacity, 18.9" Cutting Length and 1.89" Narrow Cut.

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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Guillotine Cutter
Manufacturer Formax
SKU Cut-True 27S
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 51 x 36 x 39
Length Behind Blade (Inches) 19.87
Narrow Cut (Inches) 1.89
Cutting Width (inches) 18.9
Sheet Capacity 800
Operation Semi-Automatic
Type of cutter Floor Stand Guillotine
Cutting Height (Inches) 3.15
Blade Drive Electric
Paper Clamp Automatic
Back Gauge Setting Adjustable Hand Crank
Warranty 90 days limited warranty
Country of Origin United States
Power Supply (Volts) 110V, 20 A dedicated line
User Type Commercial
Optional Accessories 27-10: Replacement Blade, 27-20 Replacement Cutting Sticks, pkg of 8
Applications Print Shops, In-Plant Finishing Operations
Cutting Material Paper
LED Laser Cut Line Yes
Safety Feature Blade Lock, Safety lock, automatic Blade Return, Blade Change Safety Tool, Wooden Paper Push for Safe Alignment
Product Description:

  • 18.9” cutting width
  • 3.15” maximum stack height
  • Semi-Automatic, dual-button cutting operation
  • LED display for precise position of back gauge
  • Automatic clamping system
  • LED Laser cut line for accurate cutting
  • Manual, spindle-guided back gauge with length scale on side and markings on hand crank
  • Common paper sizes marked
  • Mounted on stand with underneath shelf for comfortable work
  • A range of safety features including front and rear safety covers, safety lock, blade changing tool etc
  • Hardened steel, heavy-duty blade

There is no better paper cutting option than the Formax Cut-True 27S Guillotine Cutter, which outclasses its competition with its automation, ease of use and remarkable cutting capabilities. It can neatly cut stacks as wide as 18.9” and as high as 3.15” with a swift movement of its hardened steel blade.

Formax Cut-True 27S has a dual-button electric cutting blade; this means that operators need to press both buttons to initiate cutting, eliminating chances of accidental cuts. An automatic clamping system is installed that makes sure paper is held firmly during cutting. For precise placement of the stack beneath the blade, various features are included: spindle-guided back gauge with sensitive hand crank, LED screen displaying back gauge position, bright red LED cut line and calibrated side scales. With all these augmentations to accuracy, there simply is no chance for misplaced cuts with Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Guillotine Cutter.

Fellowes Guillotine cutters are always designed to maximize user safety. Hence, this machine has been equipped with front and rear safety covers, safety blade change tools, main switch and a blade lock that is opened with a key. To ensure no physical strain is caused in bending and constant moving around for stacks, a sturdy stand that has a comfortable height and a storage shelf is also included.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can it cut through thicker stacks?

A. This product is designed to cut through paper stacks up to 3.15” high and up to 18.9” wide.

Q. Are there any supplies available?

A. Yes, with Formax Cut-True 27S Semi-Automatic Guillotine Cutter, you can avail the following supplies:

  • 27-10: Replacement Blade
  • 27-20: Replacement Cutting Sticks, pkg. of 8

Q. Does it come with a stand?

A. Yes, a rugged metal stand is included in the package. It not only serves as a convenient platform for unit placement but also provides a wide shelf for accessible storage.

Q. From where can I get references for accurate cutting?

A. There is a calibrated scale for fine adjustments, in both inches and metric that serves as an ideal reference towards accurate cuts.

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