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Formax  |  SKU: FD 2054

Formax AutoSeal FD 2054 Pressure Sealer

Large Office High Volume Tabletop Pressure Sealer with 16,450 Sheet Capacity, 12.25"x 18" Max Paper Size, and 500 Hopper Capacity.

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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax AutoSeal FD 2054 Pressure Sealer
Manufacturer Formax
SKU FD 2054
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 16 x 21.28 x 55
Hopper Capacity (sheets) 500
Max. Paper Weight (lbs.) 20
Type of Pressure Sealer High-Volume Tabletop Pressure Sealer
Function Seal, Fold
Fold Type Z, C, Uneven Z, Uneven C, V, Eccentric C, Eccentric Z
Applications Paychecks, Invoices, Tax Forms, Medical Reports, Bills, Coupons, Notices, Checks, & ID Cards
Anti-Jam System No
Warranty 90 Day Limited Warranty on Parts
Country of Origin United States
Power Supply (Volts) 110-240, 50/60
User Type Large Office
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour) 16,450
Operation Type Automatic
Additional Features Pre-programmed 5 Popular Fold Types, 35 custom Folds, AutoBatch Counter, 6 digit Resettable, 8-digit Life Counters, Fault Detector, Noise Reduction, Autostack Wheels
Product Description:

  • Formax AutoSeal FD 2054 System with ability to process up to 18" long forms
  • Equipped with a large, 2.8" LCD screen making control panel accessible
  • Features Variable Speed Control giving up to 16,450 pieces per hour
  • A variety of pre-programmed fold types built-in
  • Presents greater programmability in terms of storing up to 35 custom jobs
  • Possesses unique AutoStack Wheels for automatic switching of fold types and sizes
  • Features 14" to 36" long and adjustable conveyor accommodating up to 500 folded pieces
  • Provides ease of auditing the process with the Six-Digit Resettable Counter
  • Equipped with Fault Detector to avoid the chances of double feeding or any other errors
  • Operating noise considerably reduced due to top and side covers
  • Available fold types include Z, uneven Z, C, Half and custom folds

The Formax AutoSeal FD 2054 is the product for quick and adroitly pressure-sealed mail pieces. It enables the users to apply panel C, V, Z and uneven C and Z folds to their documents. It even facilitates the users by helping them store up to 35 custom folds into the machine’s memory. The Formax AutoSeal FD 2054 intelligently determines the settings according to the document forms and processes at a speed of about 16,450 pieces per hour. Its huge, 2.8" LCD screen displaying the control panel makes adjustments and configuration simple and swift. The biggest highlight of this Formax AutoSeal System is its AutoStack Wheels which make switching the fold types and sizes hands-free and effortless.

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