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Formax  |  SKU: FD 1402

Formax AutoSeal FD 1402 Pressure Sealer


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Product Specifications
Product Name Formax AutoSeal FD 1402 Pressure Sealer
Manufacturer Formax
SKU FD 1402
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 13 x 17 x 24
Hopper Capacity (sheets) 160
Max. Paper Weight (lbs.) 20
Type of Pressure Sealer Low-Volume Tabletop Presssure Sealer
Function Seal, Fold
Fold Type Half, Custom Folds, Z, C, Uneven Z, Uneven C
Applications Paychecks, Invoices, Tax Forms, Medical Reports, Bills, Coupons, Notices, & ID Cards
Anti-Jam System No
Warranty 90 Day Limited Warranty on Parts
Country of Origin United States
Power Supply (Volts) 120, 50/60
User Type Small Office
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour) 4,380
Operation Type Automatic
Additional Features Ergonomical On/Off Button, Combined with a Laser Printer, LED Indicators
Product Description:

  • Formax AutoSeal FD 1402 System with pressure sealing speed of up to 75 pieces/min
  • Fold plates with already set markings
  • Drop-in top feed system with three rollers for smooth document feeding
  • Capable of accommodating up to 14" long forms
  • Compact layout for greater adaptability of the setup
  • Folds Z, C, Uneven Z, Uneven C, Half and custom folds are available for applying to the input
  • Bright LED Indicators for notifying the users of the different activities during the process
  • Has an efficient hopper with a capacity of up to 160 forms, 20#
  • Six-Digit resettable counter for ensuring that the audit control is achieved most appropriately

The Formax FD 1402 Autoseal Pressure Sealer System is a dynamic way of getting the pressure sealing jobs done with a variety of paper types. It reengineers the lengthy manual sealing process into an action that is completed within few seconds. Feed in the documents to be sealed, turn the AutoSeal FD 1402 on and watch the magic happen! All this convenience can be availed even by setting this machine up in one corner of the desktop without any cumbersome installations.

This Formax AutoSeal System is capable of processing up to 75 pieces per minute. It comes with adjustable fold plates that have custom and standard folds marked over them for easy selection and applicability. There are accurate measurements as well that can help the users get the most professional output from the Formax AutoSeal FD 1402.

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