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Fellowes  |  SKU: 5218601

Fellowes Voyager™ 125 Pouch Laminator


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Product Specifications
Product Name Fellowes Voyager™ 125 Pouch Laminator
Manufacturer Fellowes
SKU 5218601
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 5.13 x 24.81 x 9.06
Heated Roller System 4 Hot
Max. Pouch Thickness (mil) 10
Max. Laminating Speed (Inches/Min) 35
Throat Capacity (Inches) 12.5
Laminator Type Pouch Laminator
Number of Rollers 4
Warranty 2 years
User Type Medium Office
Reverse Function Yes
Temperature Settings Automatic
Speed Settings Non-Adjustable
Cold Lamination No
Heat-up Time (mins) 4
Product Description:

  • AutoSense function that senses document thickness and adjusts accordingly
  • Quick machine warm-up of 4 minutes
  • Pouch thickness can be from 3mils to 10mils
  • 4-roller laminating mechanism
  • Reverse mode for easy handling of jams
  • Clam Shell Design for easy cleaning and document removal
  • Auto Shut-off feature to prevent overheating and damage to machine parts

Fellowes Voyager 125 Laminator is the ideal laminator for small to medium-sized work environments that seek professionalism and speed. Its 4-roller laminating mechanism and technological edges make it the most efficient product in its class. The Fellowes Voyager laminator, due to its AutoSense system, is fully automatic and adjusts its settings to document thickness by sensing it. This allows users to simply feed in any sized document and get a quick result without having to set temperature and thickness values.

Voyager 125 laminator can laminate using pouches from 3mils to 10mils, which gives a lot of variety to the operators. The machine also expertly handles wrong paper feeds through its reverse mode which returns the document unprocessed so it can be adjusted. Furthermore, it has a clam shell design making it easy to open and clean it, and also allows easy removing of fed documents. Finally its Auto Shut-off feature extends its life by preventing overheating and saves energy as well by timely shutting the heating system off. Fellowes Voyager 125, with all these capabilities, is the best laminating option one can find in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Fellowes Voyager 125 laminators speed differs during lamination?

A: The speed varies for Fellowes 125 because of the items that are being laminated have different thickness.

Q: What to do if the pouch is lost in the machine?

A: The solution to the jammed pouch is to operate the reverse button and pull out item by hand. Alternative solution is provided in CleanMe.

Q: The ready screen for my Fellowes 125 does not appear after a period?

A: The machine may have been is kept in a hot or humid area, for recovery move the Fellowes Voyager 125 to a cooler and dry area.

Q: How to do I clean my Fellowes Voyager?

A: For cleaning up the Fellowes 125 you will have to run cleaning sheets through it occasionally.

Video of Fellowes Voyager™ 125 Pouch Laminator