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GBC  |  SKU: AFCZ1000-PET01

DuPont Replacement Carbon for TruSens Pet Filter

Product Specifications
Type Replacement Filters
Washable No
Quantity 1 Pack
Product Description:

  • Defend against unwanted pet odors with DuPont Activated Carbon Filters
  • Replace filters every 3-4 months for optimal performance
  • Convenient change indicator alerts when replacement is needed
  • Designed for use with Pet Filter HEPA Drum in all TruSens Air Purifiers

DuPont Replacement Carbon for TruSens Pet Filter is custom-made to combat pet odors that can trigger allergies, ensuring a fresh and clean environment. The carbon-activated filter offers reliable defense against unwanted odors, while the convenient change indicator signals when it's time for a replacement. Specifically crafted for use with the Pet Filter HEPA Drum in TruSens Air Purifiers, these filters guarantee a continuous and effective purification process. Keep your space free from pet odors and allergens with DuPont Replacement Carbon filters.