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GBC  |  SKU: AFHZ1000-AGY01

DuPont Allergy & Flu True HEPA Filter

Product Specifications
Type Replacement Filters
Washable No
Quantity 1 Pack
Product Description:

  • The DuPont Allergy & Flu True HEPA Filter captures 99% of airborne allergens and viruses, including the H1N1 virus, ensuring cleaner air in your space
  • This all-in-one filter combines a HEPA filter with an activated carbon layer and a durable mesh filter for comprehensive air purification
  • Featuring three levels of filtration, including carbon activation, this filter provides defense against flu viruses and pollutants in the air

Experience superior air quality with the DuPont Allergy & Flu True HEPA Filter. Designed for TruSens purifiers, this filter offers 360° filtration, drawing in air from all directions to effectively capture pollutants. The filter replacement indicator ensures optimal performance by alerting you when it's time to replace the filter, typically every 12-15 months.