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Martin Yale  |  SKU: DL-PBC5

Dry Lam 5.0 mil High Clarity Laminating Pouch - (2.25'' x 3.75" in)

$10.20 $10.30
Product Specifications
Laminating Pouches High Clarity Pouches
Film Width 2.25 inch
Film Length 3.75 inch
Film Thickness 5.0 mil
Quantity 1 pack
Product Description:

  • 5.0 mil High Clarity Laminating Pouch
  • Compatible with L1200 Pouch Laminator
  • Protect and enhance documents with superior performance

Elevate your document protection with Dry Lam's 5.0 mil High Clarity Laminating Pouch. Designed to work seamlessly with the L1200 Pouch Laminator, these pouches offer ultra-clear, two-sided protection for your important papers. Experience peace of mind knowing your documents are shielded from excessive handling while maintaining a professional look.