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Dahle  |  SKU: 558

Dahle 558 Professional Rotary Trimmer

A Commercial Rotary Trimmer with 12 (Sheets/Hour) Trimming Capacity, 51.12" Cutting Length and an Automatic Clamp System

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Product Specifications
Product Name Dahle 558 Professional Rotary Trimmer
Manufacturer Dahle
SKU 558
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 58.5 x 14
Trimming Material Paper , Film , Photos , Fabric , Mat Board , Illustration Board , Alumimium foil , Construction Paper
Type of Trimmer Tabletop Rotary Trimmer
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour) 12
Cutting Length (Inches) 51.12
Paper Clamp Automatic
User Type Commercial
Country of Origin Germany
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Product Description:

  • 51.12" cutting length
  • Cuts 12 sheets at a time effortlessly
  • Transparent clamping bar that clamps paper automatically
  • Self-sharpening blade that works perfectly well in both direction
  • 58 1/2" x 141 1/8" table with referencing grid and imprinted protractor
  • Side scale bar calibrated in metric and inches system
  • Protective plastic casing around blade for safety of users
  • Wall-mounting capability
  • Strong steel cutting base for durability

Dahle 558 rolling trimmer is the true loyal companion of every engineer, designer, photographer etc that is capable of providing years of great trimming experience. There is no material that the durable 558 cannot cut, be it paper, photographic sheet, plastic, polyesters or any other sheet.

It owes its customer value to remarkable features such as 51.12" cutting length and impressive capacity to cleanly cut through a stack of up to 12 sheets. This cutting capability is made possible by the self-sharpening blade that comes with it, which is covered in a plastic casing to protect the user. Being a rotary trimmer, the blade can cut effortlessly in both directions which is highly assistive for either-handed operators.

558 rolling trimmer has numerous qualities that make it easy to use. An automatic transparent clamping bar gets rid of the problems of simultaneously handling the blade and clamp; it holds all material firmly so a precise cut is made. Dahle professional rolling trimmer has a large steel base to work on. It measures 58 1/2" x 141 1/8" and has a reference grid and protractor imprinted on it so accuracy is maximized when adjusting the material. For length measurements, a side scale is also in place with inch and metric calibrations, so it caters to people with carrying requirements. Moreover, the emerging problem of trimmers not being height-adjustable is also cleverly solved by Dahle 558 designers by introducing a wall-mount. The 558 can be mounted on a wall at any desirable height and also save a lot of space on tables.

Dahle 558 rolling trimmer certainly is the highlight of the paper handling market due to its exemplary design and cutting capability, which leave no reason to not have it in one’s workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do the imprinted lines and numbers on the base of the cutter signify?

A. The grids and imprinted protractor indicate the standard cutting sizes. As this product is German Engineered, so these figures represent the European paper sizes generally.

Q. Can the cutting blades be replaced?

A. Yes, they can be replaced by contacting the manufacturer directly.

Q. Are its replacement parts available?

A. They are available with the manufacturer only.

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