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Dahle  |  SKU: 550

Dahle 550 Professional Rotary Trimmer

A Medium Office Rotary Trimmer with 20 (Sheets/Hour) Trimming Capacity, 14.12" Cutting Length and an Automatic Clamp System

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Product Specifications
Product Name Dahle 550 Professional Rotary Trimmer
Manufacturer Dahle
SKU 550
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 21.75 x 14.13
Trimming Material Paper , Film , Photos , Fabric , Mat Board , Illustration Board , Alumimium foil , Construction Paper
Type of Trimmer Tabletop Rotary Trimmer
Sheet Capacity (sheets/hour) 20
Cutting Length (Inches) 14.12
Paper Clamp Automatic
User Type Medium Office
Country of Origin Germany
Warranty 1 year limited warranty
Product Description:

  • Dahle 550 economy paper trimmer for fast and accurate trimming in any environment

  • Provides cutting Length of up to 14 1/8"

  • Can cut up to 12 sheets at a time

  • Possesses a manual blade covered entirely with a protective housing for secure operations

  • Ground, rotating upper blade for an even trim in two directions

  • Self-sharpening blade that applies bidirectional cuts

  • Automatic see-through paper clamp for a visible control over the input

  • Steel cutting table base for strong and wide work area

  • Table pre-printed with reference grid lines for well-defined and measured trims

  • Adjustable backstop for higher flexibility during the operations

  • Facility of Dahle 550 setup being wall-mounted

  • Optional paper roll holding bar for greater convenience

Dahle 550 Economy Paper Trimmer is the innovative new member of the Dahle trimmer family. It is known for its user-friendliness and the safety it bestows its users with while they operate the machine. Dahle 550 paper trimmer can trim up to 12 sheets at a time. It possesses a self-sharpening blade enclosed in a protective housing and it trims the input with its unique rotary action. With this blade, smooth bidirectional cuts can be applied. The self-sharpening feature of Dahle 550 lets the users enjoy the functionality of this machine for years.

Dahle 550 Economy Paper Trimmer has been designed to take care of a variety of materials when trimming. It has a thick-walled square aluminum guide rod which defines the space where the work is to be done and prevents the input from moving to the sides. Users can enhance the convenience of this Dahle economy paper trimmer with its optional paper roll holding bar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does it occupy a lot of space?

A. The unit comes with a compact design and can be installed anywhere. It can also be wall-mounted. Hence, it occupies least space in any given work setting.

Q. How can I get measurements for my desired cut?

A. You can use the Scale bar calibrated in inches and centimeters that will help you obtain the measured cuts according to your requirements.

Q. Does it trim any material other than paper?

A. Dahle 550 Professional Rotary Trimmer is fully equipped for trimming Film, Photos, Fabric, Mat Board, Illustration Board, Aluminum foil as well as Construction Paper.

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