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Akiles  |  SKU: Coil Crimpers (ACP)

Coil Hand Crimpers / Crimping Pliers (ACP)

All metal construction, Crimps and cuts coils from 6mm to 50mm, 1 year warranty
Product Specifications
Product Name Coil Hand Crimpers / Crimping Pliers (ACP)
Manufacturer Akiles
SKU Coil Crimpers (ACP)
material Metal
Product Description:

  • Crimps and cuts coils from 6mm to 50mm
  • Contains non-slip rubber grips
  • Will work perfect with the binding machines which do not have automatic crimping feature
  • Economically priced and made from highly durable material

Coil Hand Crimper is the most economical solution for manually cutting the extra coil after insertion. This easy to use crimper (having the non-slip rubber grips for a firm hold) bends the coil so it doesn’t come spinning out of the paper sheets. The essential tool can cut and crimp coil sizes from 6mm to 50mm. It’s an ideal choice for schools and small offices. Hence, if you have a small venture and require a crimper that can handle small to medium crimping tasks after punching and coil insertion, this long lasting crimper is what you’ll need to fulfill your professional binding requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) In which position should be the Coil Hand Crimper used?

 A. There is a red dot on one side of the crimper that indicates to keep that side up. The spine of the book should be facing you so proper coil crimping can be done.


Q2) Does the Coil Hand Crimper only cut off the coil?

 A. No it performs two tasks simultaneously, first it cuts off the excess coil and second it bends (crimps) it so it’s unable to spin out of the pages.


Q3) Is this crimper capable of cutting off metal coil wires?

 A. Plastic coils are what it is capable of crimping not the metal ones.


Q4) Does the crimper have a warranty? 

A. Yes it comes with a one year warranty policy.