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Akiles  |  SKU: ARAC

Akiles Roll@Coil Heavy Duty Electric Coil Inserter

Bind Books with 450 (Sheets), Electric Inserting & Manual Crimping Feature

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Product Specifications
Product Name Akiles Roll@Coil Heavy Duty Electric Coil Inserter
Manufacturer Akiles
Crimping Operation Manual
Inserting Operation Electric
Other Features Pitch Identifier, Diameter Scale, Diameter Selector, Alignment Channel
Max. Binding Length (Inches) 11 - 20
Max. Binding Capacity (Sheets) 401 - 500
Max. Binding Thickness (Inches) 1/8 - 1-7/8
Included Accessories None
Warranty 1 year Manufacturer Warranty
Product Description:

  • Akiles Roll@Coil presenting advanced way of binding and coil inserting
  • Comes with Diameter Scale and Selector for picking the most optimal coil diameter size according to document’s thickness
  • Comes equipped with an Alignment Channel for building conformity between spine of larger documents and the coil shape
  • Features electric roller inserter that keeps the roller under users’ control
  • Cuts processing time and cost drastically with its phenomenal speed and efficiency
  • Features a Pitch Identifier that helps select the best coil pitch for the punched document
  • Comes backed by a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Akiles Roll@Coil Heavy Duty Electric Coil Inserter is the crimping and coil insertion tool for personal and corporate use. Its biggest attraction is its shorter processing time and intelligent features. This Akiles Electric Coil Inserter aims at winding up the large-scale binding workloads with professional accuracy and swiftness. It offers specs that are hard to find at such a low price. This machine has some bigger punch points like dual moving rollers, adjustments for different coil diameters, an alignment channel, a foot pedal control, pitch Identifier and diameter scale and selector. Its installation is no big deal as it has a compact design and is light-weight, both contributing to its easy installation and portability. The product smartly establishes a match between input parameters and selected coil diameter to ensure the coil inserting process is hassle-free. Moreover, its 1-year Manufacturer’s Warranty makes the deal all the more valuable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Does the Akiles Roll @ Coil provide crimping solution?

A. The Akiles Roll @ Coil does not provide a crimping solution but you can purchase a manual coil crimper which will cost you less than $50.


Q2) Is the Akiles Roll @ Coil capable of punching pages?

A. Unfortunately it doesn’t as this machine only performs coil insertion. But there are a number of competent punching machines available on our website


Q3) Can the Akiles Electric Coil inserter handle large workloads?

A. Yes! With the electric coil inserter this machine can easily handle large workloads.