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Akiles  |  SKU: AFP-E

Akiles FlexiPunch-E Heavy Duty Electric Modular Punching Machine (AFP-E)

Comb, Wire, Coil Punch with 20 Punching Capacity, 13.5" Punch Length & Has Interchangeable Die Sets Feature

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Product Specifications
Product Name Akiles FlexiPunch-E Heavy Duty Electric Modular Punching Machine (AFP-E)
Manufacturer Akiles
Dimensions (H”xW”xD”) 9.25 x 16 x 17.25
Punch Length (inches) 12
Punch Pitch 4:1
Paper Punch Volume (lbs.) 20
Category FlexiPunch Modular Machines
Binding Type Comb Binding, Coil Binding
Punch Operation Electric
Number of pitches 1
Paper Size A4 Size
Punch Hole Size (mm) 4
Depth Margin Adjustable
Warranty 1 Year
Country of Origin Taiwan
User Type Commercial
Closing Mechanism Vertical
Reverse Switch Yes
Waste Drawer Yes
Side Margin Fixed
Disengageable Pins 54
Punch Hole Shape Round
Number of Holes 54
Punching Capacity (Sheets) 20
Product Description:

  • Rugged design with the ability to deal with high volume workloads
  • Has interchangeable die sets that allow shifting between different punching pitches and patterns within seconds
  • All pins are disengageable, allowing any paper size to be punched effectively
  • Easy to use features like foot pedal operation and design compatibility with peripheral products
  • Contains weight of 54 lbs.

Akiles FlexiPunch-E electric modular punching machine is hailed by many as the best paper punching/binding equipment in its class of products. With its stellar features and specifications, it surpasses its counterparts effortlessly. Its robust punching die, which is powered by a heavy-duty motor, can effectively punch up to 20 sheets of 20 lbs paper in one go. It offers users a punching length of 12”, ensuring that all commonly used paper sizes are catered to with ease.

The Akiles FlexiPunch-E punching equipment comes with some unique features that lend it its versatility. Its punching dies are interchangeable and it comes with 4 different die sets. This means that users have the luxury to punch documents with 4 different settings, each one having a specific hole shape and pitch. These dies can be changed with each other in a matter of seconds, so operators can deliver any kind of job quickly.

Furthermore, Akiles FlexiPunch-E comes with the amazing quality of having disengageable pins. All available die sets have fully diengageable pins, which allow users to punch any paper size they want. This facility is of importance for those who face varying punching/binding needs.

In addition to all these unparalleled qualities, the Akiles electric modular punching machine comes built in with functions like Anti-Jam and depth margin control. The anti-jam guarantees that jams are automatically removed as soon as they occur and are detected. For ease of use, the product is electric powered and operated by foot pedal conveniently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Can the Akiles FlexiPunch-E machine be used as a comb opener or a coil inserter?

A. Unfortunately it cannot be used for the above stated functions as it can only punch but Akiles is offering a wide variety of coil inserting and wire closing machines under the category of punching and binding machines.


Q2) Does this punching machine come with 4 different punching dies?

A. The Akiles FlexiPunch-E is capable of producing 4 types of hole patterns but the box contains only one punching die. So the customers have to buy the other three separately but do not worry as is selling a wide variety of die sets at the most reasonable prices.  Once you have added the machine to the cart you can purchase good quality die sets.

Q3) what if the machine gets overfeed or jammed?

A. The Akiles FlexiPunch-E contains an automatic anti-jam system which detects such problems and stops the machine immediately to draw back the punching pins.