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Akiles  |  SKU: ADM-C41ECI+

Akiles DuoMac C41ECI+ Electric Coil Binding Machine

450 (Sheets) Binding Capacity, 20 (Sheets) Punching Capacity, Punch Oval Holes of 4 x 5 mm Size, Single Punch Length of 14"

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Product Specifications
Product Name Akiles DuoMac C41ECI+ Electric Coil Binding Equipment
Manufacturer Akiles
Punch Length (inches) 14
Punch Pitch 4:1, 9/16
Paper Punch Volume (lbs.) 20
Category DuoMac
Binding Operation Electric (Coil) & Manual (Comb)
Binding Type Comb Binding, Coil Binding
Punch Operation Manual
Binding Capacity (Diameter") Comb (1/4 - 2) , Coil (1/8 - 1-7/8)
Binding Capacity (Sheets) Comb (30 - 425), Coil (25 - 450)
Number of pitches 2
Paper Size Legal Size
Punch Hole Size (mm) 4 x 5
Depth Margin Adjustable
Warranty 1 Year
Included Accessories Coil Crimpers With Any Coil Combination & Comb Spreader With Any Comb Combination
Country of Origin Taiwan
User Type Commercial
Closing Mechanism Vertical
Reverse Switch No
Waste Drawer Yes
Side Margin Adjustable
Disengageable Pins Comb (54) , Coil (5)
Punch Hole Shape Oval
Number of Holes 54
Punching Capacity (Sheets) 20
Product Description:

  • Akiles CoilMac C41ECI+ electric coil binding equipment for expedient coil binding in-house
  • Equipped with Die Disengagement Pins that enable it to deal with multiple paper sizes consistently
  • Features the Punching Margin Control for providing appropriately deep margin for accommodating different coil sizes
  • Features Open Punching Throat and Continuous Punching Guide that keep the punched holes aligned
  • Equipped with Side Margin Control feature that gives a neat and professional look to the punched document
  • Allows quick and easy inserting with the Electric Roller Inserter that is foot pedal-operated
  • Accompanied by coil selector & coil crimpers

The Akiles CoilMac C41ECI+ Electric Coil Binding Equipment is the exceptional binding machine that is meant to facilitate the booklet-making process at a larger scale. It surpasses the output level delivered by the normal manual binding machines and this makes the CoilMac C41ECI+ worth your investment and time. With the CoilMac C41ECI+, spiral bound documents are no more an issue. Due to its heavy work capacity, this Akiles electric coil binding machine can process up to 20 sheets of paper at a time. It features the Electric Roller Inserter that save time and cost incurred during the process and provides greater flexibility to the users. The coil selector & coil crimpers included in the pack make this process highly effective. It adeptly punches oval holes into the input with neatness ensured. The Akiles CoilMac C41ECI+ also possesses die disengagement pins which add to the flexibility of this machine and enable users to take care of multiple paper sizes with one machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1) What is the difference between Akiles DuoMac C41ECI+ and Akiles DuoMac C41ECI?

The only difference between the two is that Akiles DuoMac C41ECI+ produces oval holes while the Akiles DuoMac C41ECI is capable of producing round holes.

Q2) What is coil binding and why should it be preferred?

Coil binding is same as the spiral binding. In this you can thread plastic coils through the holes of the document till the end. As a result you will give them a professional and a unique look. For regular use this binding method is perfect as it can be conducted electrically as well as manually.


Q3) What should I do to stop the coil from spinning out of the document?

For this you will have to buy a coil crimper which will cut off the extra coil in the end and will bend it too. This will prevent the coil from spinning out of the document.

Q4) What pitch is best for coil binding?

4:1 pitch hole pattern is commonly used as it allows to bind more sheets. Also this pattern does not give a tight look as the 5:1 pitch hole which is perfect for thin documents.

Q5) What is meant by pitch that are usually stated as 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1?

The pitch actually refers to the number of holes per inch.